10 Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster 

It doesn’t matter if your life isn’t perfect unless your hair is! 

For most of us women, the way our hair look plays a vital role in boosting up our confidence. While some lucky women have admirably long, Rapunzel-like healthy hair effortlessly, the rest of us need to make attempts and bring changes in our beauty routine to garner attention. Here are a few methods for much-desired hair growth:- 

Disregard The “Cold Water” Myth

Scientifically speaking, except for a few growing cells at the roots, the hair is dead tissue comprised of keratin and similar proteins. Hence, contrary to popular belief, rinsing with either hot or cold water is barely different. 

However, cold water possesses a potential side-effect of constricting blood capillaries in the scalp. As these capillaries carry essential vitamins for hair growth, it can slow down the process.

Skip The Poo

Shampoo cleanses the hair by stripping away natural essential oils. It may lead to brittle hair, causing breakage, which in turn leads to slow hair growth. Skipping shampoo 2-3 times a week can balance out the scalp’s oil, leaving it with soft, lush hair which appears luxurious. 

It is also necessary to use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo since harsh ingredients can build up on the scalp, block hair follicles and wreck hair growth.  

Grab The Conditioner

Colouring and heat styling can reduce the density of hair towards the tips. Conditioners help maintain the pH balance of the hair. They add shine, bounce and volume, making the hair look beautifully healthy and glamourous. So, avoid the shampoo but stick to the conditioner!

Use Micro-Fibre Towels

Plush cotton towels cause breakage when wrapped around the head. Micro-fibre driers are a more suitable alternative. In order to have blooming strands and to retain the length of hair, it is necessary to be gentle. Micro-fibre towels absorb water quicker and create less friction. As a result, these towels help to reduce frizziness and present healthier hair. 

Master The Stroke

A few strokes of Boar bristle brush can escalate the growth and evenly distribute natural oils of the scalp across the length of the hair. Combing helps to moisturize them naturally and increases blood circulation to the scalp. 

However, improper brushing may lead to severe breakage of hair. 

We instinctively comb downwards from the scalp creating a large knot towards the end. The correct method of grooming hair is to start from the bottom and work the way up. 

Change The Look

Wearing a ponytail or top knot in the same place can cause tension in the roots and cause breakage of hair. It is essential to keep changing the position of the ponytail or bun to maintain the volume.

Experimenting with various alternatives such as claw pins, clips, etc. can also help maintain damage-free hair. 

Ditch The Bleach

Bleach is possibly the worst enemy of flourishing hair. Bleaching raises the hair’s outer cuticle to lighten the hair colour, thus making them vulnerable to further damage like split ends. 

Bleaching causes dry, brittle hair which is prone to breakage. Using heat appliances can worsen hair condition leaving barely any scope for healthy hair growth. 

Constant Trims

Yes, it may feel like a task but regularly trimming the length of hair even by less than an inch can help improve the overall health of hair. Cutting your hair once in two months can help avoid split ends and bring shine, add volume and bounce to the hair. 

Essential Vitamins For Hair Growth

One of the significant points in quick and healthy hair growth is maintaining a rich diet full of nutrients. Which vitamin is good for hair growth? Food such as eggs, berries, fish, avocado, oysters, etc. consisting of vitamins A, B, C, D and E, zinc, iron, biotin, etc. help in active hair growth.

Using vitamin supplements in the diet can also be useful for hair growth. However, consulting a doctor before using such products is recommended.

Silk Pillowcase

Lastly, change your pillowcase to silky smooth sheets. Other than being a luxury of sorts, they genuinely help to cut- down tangled and breakage-prone hair. The silky material helps to reduce friction, thus reducing split ends as well. 

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