3 Roofing Trends, You Need to Consider


While constructing or renovating one’s home, one tends to look for the latest styles and designs for the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and even the children’s rooms. Professional design and architecture services are hired and visits done to various showrooms to ensure that one is up-to-date on the best technologies available. However, one area, that we fail to pay adequate attention to, and take for granted is the roofing area, which is actually more important and critical than it seems to be. It is one of the first things that visitors notice about our home and as such needs to be well planned and designed. There have been many improvements and developments in the roofing industry over the last couple of years, due to which one can nowadays select from many styles and technologies, designed to meet our varied requirements.

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The latest roofing trends in Ascot Vale, that we can select from, for our homes are:

1. Bright and Mono Colors

As per the latest trends, one can go for either bright or mono (singular color shade for all materials) colors while selecting their roofing designs. Many manufacturers are predicting that people will stop using the standard earthen brown color shades and instead go in for brighter colors that go well with the overall look of their house, landscape, and surroundings. While using mono colors, you can ensure that all the fittings and accessories such as guttering, fencing, etc. match the color of your roof, giving the whole structure one uniform color. This tends to look even better if one uses very distinct and bright colors in all the key areas to highlight their features. The distinct and bold colors can also be selected based on one’s personality and the image one wants to convey to others.

2. Roofs Made With Environment-friendly and Sustainable Materials

The growing awareness about climate change and the effects of different materials on the environment is leading to more and more people preferring environment-friendly products and designs. Concrete rooftops are no longer preferable and are being replaced by metal roofs, which are now highly popular in the roofing segment. Due to their fast cooling properties, they can also help regulate the temperature within one’s home efficiently and economically. Moreover, metal is easily recyclable, into different shapes and sizes increasing its utility value. Other environment-friendly roofing options are building in skylights into the roof, for better light and heating while conserving energy at the same time. Some people are also looking at the option of installing planters, with small plants on their roofs to give their roofs a more natural look, while this also helps in preserving the environment.

3. Minimalist Design

If you are not too fond of bright and bold colors and avoid drawing attention to yourself, then the minimalist design trend is just perfect for you. Following the global design mantra “Less is more”, architects and house designers suggest sticking to just the basic patterns and lines to highlight the different features of your house. Using basic, simple and neutral colors on your roof will help you follow the minimalist design pattern and ensure that your roof does not draw towards itself and away from your house. Many architects also suggest using flat metal roofing options for creating the minimalist look and maintaining the same for many years, due to the long shelf life of metal roofs.

Make sure you pay adequate attention while deciding your roofing when you are building a new home or renovating the existing one. It needs to compliment the architecture and main features of your house and be in line with the overall image of the premises you want to portray.

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