Interesting interior design ideas can turn your home into a palace. Leading interior designers of the world admit that sticking to the basic elements of home design is the sure shot way to achieve a luxurious elegance. Just a little bit of innovation can bring in a marked difference to your living space and sync it with your contemporary lifestyle. 

Home interior design is never a constant concept. It evolves with latest trends and consumers’ preference. There is no limit to the luxury you can bring in to your home. What matters is how much you can spend to get the elegance you are looking for. There’s one assurance – you can style up your home just the way you like with unique home designing ideas. 

Interior designing should be a harmonious whole of the room colours, the flooring, and furniture placed in the room. The outlook of people have changed over the years. While buying furniture for luxurious home décor, people look for functionality and style. For instance, the bed should be crafted out of the most elegant material and furnished with the softest of mattress, bed covers and pillows. Modular wardrobe is the current fashion. Chairs, tables and sofa placed in the living or the dining rooms are picked from fashionable collection showcased in leading furniture store in Gurgaon. 

4 Stunning Ways to Make Your Home Appear More Luxurious

From classic to contemporary, from rustic to urban, from wooden to metallic – you can have your home designed with these most glamorous home interior designing solutions: 

Colour Palette 

Using neutral or pastel shades of colours lends a certain warmth to the rooms. Else you can go in for experimentation with bold and beautiful colours like black and maroon. The crux is you carry your personality and that defines the choice in room colours. 

Draperies Décor and Crown Molding 

Mounting of draperies at the ceiling level adds an instant visual appeal to the entire room. The style gets more enhanced with crown molding which beautifully merges the ceilings and the walls.  

Light up the Glamour

The best way out to glam up room décor is to have luxuriously crafted designer lighting fixtures. Interesting enough, you can get the high-end designer look by buying cheaper and second hand products from common marketplaces. 

Floored in Style

Floor creates the first impression for guests and for you, it is luxury for your footsteps. Carpets do look classy and elegant, but hardwood floor is a more stylish and contemporary choice. 

It’s Final – Your Home, Your Comfort, Your Style 

Home is where heart is – hence for room décor you should have everything that pleases you. Few more lovable ideas have been shared here.

Throw pillows on the sofas in living rooms to add a stylish appeal. They just complete the perfect setup for couching up to comfortable moments with near and dear in the family. Addition of beautiful mirrors, accessories and showpieces is a magnificent idea. Give home décor a natural touch with beautiful potted plants.  The green plants define the healthiest way to glam up home interior design.

Furniture is the last thing that people think about but it turns out to be the most important thing that sets the tone of the house. For people living in the NCR regions, the following is a list of places that will let you buy furniture in Delhi.

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  2. Panchkuian Road
  3. Sikandarpur Furniture Market
  4. Jail Road Market
  5. Sharma Farms
  6. Munirka Furniture Market
  7. Aya Nagar Market

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