5 Simple Ways To Dye Burgundy Hair Color At Home

Burgundy is one of the very popular hair colors which most of the people prefer. Whether you are a male or a female, this is one of such wonderful hair colors which really suites your image. But, people are no more using the chemical rich hair dyes. The ayurvedic hair color available at the Indus Valley website can be your choice. There are wide shades and variety of burgundy hair color in the popular online buying site.

Each young lady that is a stunner lover has thought of coloring her hair in some shade of Burgundy eventually in her life. Burgundy is a lovely and ageless hair trending colour that everyone should attempt at any rate once. The puzzling hints of purple and wine-red make this colour ideal for ladies who love to experiment with their hair. Achieve a fascinating burgundy hair look which makes it an ideal choice to give an edgy and bold hair look.

Henna is the most normal and conventional method for getting a burgundy hair colour at home. Trust me on this getting burgundy hair colour gets exceptionally simple with along this way

Tips to dye your hair burgundy right at home

  • Burgundy for black hair without bleaching

The light tone of hair can easily catch any colors. But, when you are willing to change the color of your dark hair tone, it becomes really hard. People use bleaches at that point of time. But, there is a way to color your hair without using bleach.

All you have to do is use either a heat cap after applying your hair color or if you don’t have that cover with shower cap and use blow dryer. The burgundy Herbal Hair Colour will look prominent.

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organic certified gel hair colour

  • Burgundy color with henna

Even by using henna, you will be able to get burgundy hair color. The procedure is very simple. You have to mix the henna powder as you do in usual way. The magical element to be added here is the beetroot paste. After adding this in mixture, apply on your hair and you will get beautiful burgundy hair color.

  • Burgundy on light brunette

The effect of hair color will be different on each type of hair tone. If you have light brunette hair, it is very easy to apply and also get the color. Just mix the hair color that you bought from Indus valley website and apply simply on your hair. You will get the same color that you wanted.

  • Burgundy for blonde

Sometimes, people with blonde hair also wish to look little different. It is very important to pick up the particular shade of burgundy that goes with your skin tone. You will get your color in online website. Once you have the same with you, just apply it as per the instruction. You will get beautiful shade of burgundy hair.

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  • Burgundy on dark brunette

Since you have hark hair, it wont be very easy for you to get the burgundy hair color on your hair. Here, you have to apply the bleach. It is very important to keep your hair not to wash for two days after you have applied the color with bleach so that the effect comes well. Also, don’t apply any type of conditioner to your hair before applying the hair color. If you follow all these instructions it will be great and you will get a wonderful hair color.

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Conclusion- The above mentioned are the very simple and easy tips with which you can get burgundy hair color on just all the type of hair tone that you have. But, it is very important to follow each steps really well.

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