5 Tips to Hire Best Magician to Create Wow Experience

magician Sydney

magician Sydney

Planning an event and want to create wow experience for your guests? If so, then, you are landed at the right place. Here, we are going to share some tips and tricks to amaze your guests. Have an interesting look!

  1. Know your audience

Will your guests be bringing their families to the event?  Will the room be filled with savvy professionals?  Is the goal to engage warm interest from cold traffic?    Either way, your magician MUST be prepared to adapt his material to your particular audience.  Look over the performer’s website and promo material.  Make sure entertainer has experience performing for the type of crowd that will be present at your event.  If you are looking for an entertainer in Sydney then magician For hire Sydney is available to rock your event.

Reviews from past clients are a great way to see the types of events a performer has done in the past.  Most magicians will have a section for reviews on their site.  Are any of these reviews describing an event similar to yours?  If so, that’s a good sign.

  1. Decide what type of magic you are looking for

Imagine a mystery guest strolling through the crowd and performing miracles right under your guests’ noses during the cocktail hour!  Now imagine 45 minutes of fun, astonishment, and laughter on stage to close off the night with a huge roar!  Do you prefer one or the other?  Or would you like the full experience of both?

  1. Determine what kind of magic will work best in your venue
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Is your venue suited to a particular type of magic?  Maybe there is a grand and beautiful stage to take advantage of. Or, perhaps there is a gorgeous outdoor patio where a magician could work with the crowd up close and personal. Take advantage of the venue you have booked.  Find a magician who is suited to the venue, and your guests will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience!

  1. What is the best time for your show?

This depends on the type of event. At a banquet or holiday party, close-up strolling magic is a wonderful way to keep guests engaged and entertained while they wait on food to be served.  When one table is served, the magician is off to another table that awaits their food!  Waiting for food can be fun!  The best time for a stage show is after everyone has eaten, as a closing hurrah to the night!

Wedding Magician Sydney

Strolling magic is a wonderful way to break the ice amongst guests at a wedding or corporate event during the cocktail hour.  Wedding Magician Sydney can entertain your guest during the ceremony. The benefit of strolling magic is that you do not have to dedicate a specific period to it during the event.  The magician mingles through the crowd during the cocktail hour, roams from table to table while guests wait for food to be served, and keeps guests entertained during any downtime in the event.  It can serve as a safety net so that if there is a delay in the schedule or technical difficulties, your guests won’t be left twiddling their thumbs!

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At a conference, a magician might be used as fun interlude in-between speakers to wake the audience up and build some energy in the room.

  1. Always talk on the phone with prospective performers before booking

Do you know someone who has hired a magician before?  If so, ask about their experience.  Personal reviews mean a lot when hiring a magician. Alternately, you can search online for a local Corporate Magicians or Birthday Party Magician Sydney.  Either way, you should ALWAYS talk on the phone with prospective performers before booking. Is this magician confident and personable?  Your conversation on the phone will tell you a lot about how that performer will interact with the guests at your event.

You are not only looking for someone positive and professional but also you want to make sure the performer addresses your concerns and prioritizes the success of your event (over simply making a transaction).

If you are still unsure after talking with the performer, you can always ask for a few references of past clients who planned similar events.  Talking with someone who has been in your shoes before is a great way to address your concerns.

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