6 Powerful Pillar Content Tips For Law Firm Marketing

Content marketing is an integral part of marketing a legal firm which helps in building a strong reputation and drive conversions. Here we are discussing some effective pillar content tips for law firm marketing which can improve the productivity of your marketing campaign. Pillar content is like a strong architectural column around which the entire framework of your content strategy is built. The core material branches out in different directions and provides a 360° view of a subject to the audience. The tactic helps build a strong reputation of a firm as an authoritative voice in its domain. It allows you to explore all the aspects of a subject in detail. Moreover, it also solves another common problem faced by law firm internet marketing strategists. That issue is how to regularly find new and interesting ideas for write-ups. Once you adopt the pillar approach, there is no dearth of topics for fashioning new posts. The following tips will be helpful in creating powerful pillar content for your attorney website.

1. Identify A Core Topic

You need to identify a core topic which you can comprehensively explore in a series of posts. Pillar or cornerstone content, as it is also called, can be thought of like a book with multiple chapters. Just like a book contains various chapters dedicated to different aspects of a single subject, the cornerstone content also explores the different facets of a single topic. Choose a subject that is related to your main practice area. Identifying an interesting topic is tricky as you need something which is broad enough to attract a wide audience. However, at the same time, it must be narrow enough so that it will catch the attention of people looking for a specific solution.

2. Conduct Keyword Research To Form Your Topic Clusters

Once you have zeroed in on a subject that you can explore extensively, it is time to form your topic clusters. These are small groups of various sub-topics which are all related to the main subject. Let’s say you choose family law as your core topic. Now, the various sub-topics under it can be divorce law, adoption, pre-nuptial agreements, etc. You can post material on all these different inter-related subjects. In order to make sure that the posts are visible to a wide range of the target audience, you need to conduct keyword research. Find some long-tail terms related to each of the sub-topics. You can develop your matter around these phrases and link them to the main subject.

3. Aim To Provide Value To The Audience

There is no point in investing in the strategy if you are not providing something unique to your audience. People will not read a post which is not explaining something new. Aim to provide value to your visitors by solving their problems. For instance, if current trends show that divorces through litigation are taking longer to complete, then you can write about alternative methods to conduct the separation. People who are looking for a quick divorce will be naturally interested in such material. In case, they find the information useful, they will also get in touch with your firm. Content which not only informs but offers a helpful solution plays a key role in boosting conversions.

4. Narrow Down To Niche Subject

One of the most useful pillar content tips for law firm marketing is to narrow down to a niche subject. Let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer who has chosen the practice area as a core topic. Now medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, construction injury, etc. will form your topic cluster. If you narrow down to construction injury and chose it as your core subject, then it can pay rich dividends. You can choose the various construction sites like residential apartment projects, industrial facilities, etc. as the sub-topics. The material can be developed around these subjects. This will not only provide detailed information on a specific topic but it will also create a distinct identity for your firm. The audience will start identifying you as a knowledgeable authority on construction injury cases. People who are looking for assistance in such cases will choose your firm over other personal injury law practitioners.

5. Write On Emerging Trends To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

Audiences use content to assess the skill and expertise of an attorney. A series of incisive pieces on a specific subject can build your image as an authority in your practice area. However, you can also use pillar content to position yourself as a thought leader in your domain. Identify emerging trends that are related to your field of practice. Make them a part of your cornerstone content. Sharing your thoughts on the developments you expect in your practice area in the near future will not only impress potential clients but also your peers.

6. Create An Efficient Link Structure To Guide Visitors

Cornerstone content is a series of different but inter-related posts. In order to guide your visitors to all the related topics, you need to create an efficient link structure. Include internal links on all pillar pages which link to the core topic and other related posts. For instance, when you are exploring divorce law and there is a mention of pre-nuptial agreements, then you can place a link to the relevant post. You can also include external links to other resources if they make your content more credible.


Investing in detailed cornerstone content can drive better results for marketers. These pillar content tips for law firm marketing will help attorneys build up their image and boost their conversions.

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