7 Best warm flower teas to drink in cold weather

7 Best warm flower teas to drinks in cold weather

Actually you can make tea from about anything. There are so many types of teas like black tea, green tea, white tea and everything in between which are made from flowers and herbs and some are made with excellent blends. There are so many different views on what can be called a tea but for practical purposes if you steep orange peels, you will have an orange peel tea. Here we are going to be looking at handful of different flowers that can be made into tea. Some of these are already being used as blends with traditional tea leaves whereas some are bit less common. In winter season we keep on sipping hot coffees and hot chocolates which are harmful when we take in high quantities and so we are here with healthy alternative. Thus we are here with 7 best warm flower teas you can sip in cold weather and feel warm.

1. Rosella Flower Tea

This is a specific type of Hibiscus flowers also called Hibiscus sabdariffa that is native to the regions of West Africa. This is used in the production of fibres, and it can also be infused into tea. This is also called carcade and it has different names in different regions of the world. Some people also use this in cooking and to season lambs and some other foods. This tea helps with depression, aids digestion amd it is very rich vitamin C. These flowers are also rich in minerals and has laxative properties. Regular intake of this rosella flower tea will keep your liver healthy and also help in mestrual cramps.  Make romantic flower delivery to your beloved and convey your love and affection to them through fresh and gorgeous floral.

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2. Hibiscus Tea

This is one of the most popular options in this whole list and it is enjoyed by tea lovers alll over the world for variety of reasons. On eof the health associations hasve also publised a report stating that this tea can be in lowering blood pressure in certain conditions. Some people also use it as sports drink to satiate thrist by drinking it in form of Iced tea. These sweet and bright red flowers not only looks pretty but makes a great tea because of its sweetness and refreshing flavor.

3. Mint Tea

This tea is made with aromatic green leaves and some pretty flowers to add to its apperacnce. Mint tea is also one of the most popular teas because of its refreshing flavor and many benefits. Mint tea also helps in oral health problems. The little bell flowers are seriously underrated because it can make great mint leaf tea. It is infact used to granish salads and cakes. This leaves is famous for its relaxation properties. The leaves are flavorful and full of health benefits. This is the list of flower teas and still there are many more flower teas that are really beneficial to our body.

4. Lavender Tea

This flower is commonly found as an eesential oil and it is also used ti enhance the taste of several food items and baked goods. People drink this lavender tea for things like digestive issues, relaxation and even convulsions. It is also used as cure to spasms. Lavender is also famous for its relaxation properties and so lavender flower tea is no different. It also helps in insomnia and thus it is a popular aromatic flower tea. Buy roses online to greet your special someone and wish them all the love in the world to make them feel special.

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5. Chrysanthemum Tea

This tea is made from chrysanthemum flowers which is derived from old Chinese medicine.It is often served with cane sugar or rock sugar. It is a cure for various circulatory issues like varicose veins. This flower reprsents joy and happiness and this tea also brings same to the person when they drink it. This also helps in boosting your immunity and improvong eye health.

6. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is one of the most favorite kind of flowers.It has this aromatic fragrance and delicate fragrance that has many health benefits. These flowers make a very delicious evening time drinl. It can help in lowering cholestrol levels and improving digestive process and also cardiovascular health. This flower is also used to make delicious boba tea. Order flowers online and surprise your loved ones with stunning blooms for special occasions to convey your wishes.

7. Marigold Tea

These are also called calendula and they are more used in the skin care world to treat almost all kinds of skin issues. They are used to make essential oils too. It has a peppery taste that is immunity boosting, high in antioxidants and has antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. Thus it maked ideal detox tea. These yellow flowers are also used to color dishes orange or yellow like saffron. You can get different types of flower tea online that are popular for different benefits.

These are some best warm flower teas you must drink in cold weather to stay warm.

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