9 Educational Apps Are Now Free During Quarantine

The spread of the coronavirus is a worrying fact. For this reason, some countries have decided to suspend classes in the most affected regions, to avoid more infections and thus curb their expansion. Some educational apps are available for free in their paid versions on a limited basis, so that students can try to make up their class hours.

Many tools exist to learn from home, and in this case, in a limited way, we will be able to enjoy the paid functions of some apps whose developers have announced this measure.


Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

In this case, Edpuzzle is an app that allows you to answer forms in its free version. With the paid version, videos are included so that the student can understand their mistakes. To request the subscription perform the following steps:

  1. Register with Edpuzzle.
  2. Select our affected educational center.
  3. Verify the account.
  4. Complete the form and thus obtain the payment functions, free of charge.


Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is another of the tools which offer us free access to its platform to enjoy all its functions. In BrainPOP, there are different videos adapted to an intuitive and friendly interface so that you can study remotely.

To use BrainPOP without paying, we must register through the following website by clicking on ” Get Free Access “.

Book Creator

Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is an app, through which we can make our interactive books, or if we prefer, we also have the possibility of consulting the more than 40 books already created by the platform itself. In this app, we will find topics from Infant to secondary education.

To enjoy this app for free, we must follow the following steps :

  1. Once registered, we will begin the trial period.
  2. Once started, we will fill out the form to let you know that we are one of those affected due to the closure of the educational centers.

Google For Edu

Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is a function that is integrated into G Suit, Google’s payment services platform oriented to companies. In this case, Google the possibility of enjoying this service for free offers until July 1.

This tool integrated into Google Cloud allows conferences of up to 250 people to be made in the same call, to perform a live show with more than 100,000 spectators and, finally, to be able to record the classes and be able to access them again when we want through Google Drive.

In this case, we will not have to prove that we are an affected user, even if we are since Google has included it directly for free until July 1.


Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is one of the most popular tools in the world of teaching. Kahoot is a platform based on a trivia game through which we will win the game if we hit and answer as quickly as possible.

In addition to being able to play in a physical place altogether, the paid version of Kahoot offers us the possibility of playing at a distance and thus being able to continue completing questions.

To request access to the “Premium” functions of the platform, we must fill out a form, in which we will specify which level we wish to obtain, that of primary or secondary education.


Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

From elementary to high school, Cerebriti has a multitude of interactive games, in addition to having the possibility of creating our games. In both cases, we will be able to know the student’s results and thus see their evolution in detail.

Cerebriti, instead of making us fill out a form, have extended the trial period, which goes from 30 days to June 30.


Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is an app focused on those students who are studying primary education. It has more than 10,000 games of various themes. To enjoy Academos for free, we must go to its website and start the 30-day trial period.

Tiny Trees

Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

It is an educational project powered by Apple which is based, like the vast majority of platforms, on a game. Tiny Tree is an app that is only found in the App Store, so it is only compatible with those who have an iPhone or iPad.

Although it usually has a cost of around 5 euros, it is currently available free of charge due to the coronavirus, to enjoy the content during the closure of educational centers.

  1. Download Tiny Trees from the App Store

Pear Deck

Image - 9 free educational apps for coronavirus

The latest addition is Pear Deck, a tool that uses a multitude of Google services adapted to different levels to learn the agenda, in addition to the use of Spreadsheets, Drive, Text Documents, among others.

On their website, they have enabled a section to request the paid version, in addition to the different options found within the app, for both teachers and students.

It should be noted that all these platforms will be available for free on a limited basis. Once the educational activity resumes, all these services will be paid again.

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