9 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Process Server

Need a Professional Process Server

Process servers are a very important part of the legal industry. In fact, a large variety of legal businesses and collection agencies around the world hire process servers to get the job done. Let’s see the need for a professional process server.

This is so because they process and deliver documents where the recipient may be a minefield of problems for the client. Since you don’t fully understand the importance of process servers and why you may require their services, we’re about to clear the smoke once and for all.

Scroll through this article to learn all the reasons why you need a professional process server and how they can benefit your case:

1.  They Ease Your Troubles

By hiring a process server, you will be relieved from the burden that comes with finding defendants or handing them documents on your own. This is especially true when it comes to cases that ensue after hostile situations like ‘potential assault’.

Process servers have the responsibility of doing all of this on your behalf, therefore, making it a lot easier for you to perhaps concentrate on the case itself. One can also say that you will save yourself a lot of time by hiring process servers.

2.  They Advise Clients

Typically, process servers that have a great legal background help advise clients about their obligations and what they are required to do by the law. In most cases, they make sure that the plaintiff does not commit court order violations.

3.  They Are Well-Informed About Legal Requirements In Your Province

Typically, process servers are quite familiar with various provincial and federal laws that govern process servers. In other words, they will help you make more informed decisions that would avoid breaking provincial and federal laws governing their services.

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4.  They Are Efficient

Process serving services that also have a private investigator license are sworn into oath to treat their clients and everyone else fairly and without bias. For this reason, you can rest assured that you will be opting for the highest level of process serving services.

Taking all of the above into consideration, process servers are also efficient and skilled in locating whoever is trying to evade court summons.

5.  They Act As a Neutral Third Party

Process servers can never be held responsible for the resentment that ensues after documents are served. These professionals also help in maintaining the privacy of defendants while also ensuring that legal documents are processed accurately and in a timely manner.

6.  They Can Serve Divorce Papers

Process servers are hired to deliver a large variety of legal documents, which includes the documents for a divorce or other similar spousal procedures. These include pre- and post-nuptial agreements or cohabitation documents, among so many others.

Even though you could just as easily deliver these documents on your own, a process server will save you from the embarrassment or the effort while also coming through with a proof of receipt.

Also, if you’re going through a rather unpleasant separation process, then you wouldn’t want to face your spouse. In some cases, they may even ignore communication from all recognized sources.

7.  To Serve Emergency Court Injunctions

Domestic abuse cases can be very complex and mostly require a great deal of attention and care. In some serious cases, the recipient of such cases is most likely going to want to avoid all forms of contact from their abusers. However, they will also want to serve emergency court injunctions to the defendant, which legally prevents them from making any contact.

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Process servers are trained in delivering such injunctions on behalf of abused clients, which also means that they will not have to personally meet or contact their abusers. In addition, their service also promises that these injunctions are served promptly without putting their clients in harm’s way.

8.  To Serve Statutory Demands

Obtaining a debt can be quite an exhausting process. Even though most individuals and businesses tend to pay their debts or invoices on time, there are cases where people will grab at every opportunity to avoid coughing up what they owe.

If you are currently experiencing such problems and the defendant has built up quite a debt, then you can easily issue statutory demands. This is a legal document that is issued to inform debtors they owe money. If the demand isn’t paid or the agreement isn’t fulfilled within a period of 21 days, then the law can bankrupt the individual or company.

As you can imagine, a statutory demand is a very important document. Process servers can easily deliver statutory demands and send proof of receipt from debtors to make sure that there are no further delays in the recovery process.

9.  They Obtain Proof of Service For Law Firms/Solicitors

We’ve already touched on this particular point, but it qualifies as one of the most important reasons why some businesses opt for process server services. Some legal documents require proof of service, and without this, the defendant can easily deny having ever received a court summons.

For instance, you’re sending divorce papers to someone on behalf of a client. How will you verify that the individual had received what you posted? In reality, there is no way to be sure.

This is where process servers come in. Process servers not only hand-deliver these legal documents, but they also obtain proof of service, which is in the form of a signature or a photograph. Due to this proof, the recipient will have no reason to deny having received a court summon.

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