Разработано приложение по быстрому выявлению инфицированных коронавирусом

A free service for monitoring and warning the spread of coronavirus in Kazakhstan was created by domestic developers.

It allows you to track in real time the spread of coronavirus in Kazakhstan, and most importantly – to report infection or contacts with infected people.

The service supports the state and Russian languages ​​and is implemented as applications on Android and iOS, which will be available within two days. Already at its web version is operating.


Sections of

  • online map of the distribution of coronavirus in Kazakhstan
  • current news and important information about the virus, its transmission and methods of protection;
  • single window with contacts of operational centers and addresses of hospitals.


It also contains two important functions for feedback with Kazakhstanis:


  1. “I am infected”: a user who has COVID-19 detected can mark the people he has contacted and could potentially infect, as well as the places he visited while being infected.



  1. “I contacted an infected person”: a user can leave a response if he was flying on the same flight as the infected one, or is sure that someone from his circle of friends became infected. Note that the information obtained using these functions is completely anonymous and is available only to employees health authorities. Using the information received, specialists will be able to quickly identify people with suspected coronavirus, mark infection sites on the map, residents will be able to avoid these places. According to the developers, the main purpose of the service is to It is based on operational awareness of the coronavirus and the possibility of compatriots to be conscious in preventing its spread. The creators of the application call everyone to social responsibility and ask them to actively use the service not only to monitor the spread of COVID-19,

Source: Almaty news


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