A Beginner’s Guide To PRP Hair Treatment

Before choosing to go forward with any cosmetic or medical procedure, it’s best to get your facts straight beforehand to make sure you aren’t disappointed with the results later. Similarly, while looking for hair transplants in Ahmedabad, you need to be sure of the different types, and which could be best for you.

Although you’ll only be able to know most of the important information after you pay a visit to the doctor you plan to get your treatment from, it’s better to gather up as much information as possible before you make up your mind for hair transplantation. In this article, we will be concentrating on the topic of ‘PRP hair treatment’ specifically.

PRP hair treatment or Platelet-Rich Plasma hair treatment is a procedure that involves three steps for treatment. The blood is to be drawn, processed, and then injected onto the scalp. This helps in triggering natural hair growth by increasing the overall blood supply to the hair follicles, in turn increasing the thickness of the hair shaft. Even though the use of PRP for hair loss treatments has been a relatively recent discovery, it has been used for the treatment of injured ligaments, tendons and muscles for quite a while.

Unlike hair transplants, PRP hair treatment is not made for individuals that have suffered great deals of hair loss. In fact, it is generally recommended for those still noticing the early signs of excessive hair loss. If you’re looking for PRP hair treatments in Ahmedabad from a reliable source, you can reach out to The Skin Artistry for assistance on the same. As a reliable and well-credible skin clinic, their dermatologists can help you discover the pathway to gaining a better hairline. More details about the process of a PRP hair treatment:

  • Blood is drawn: As a platelet based treatment, blood needs to be drawn first, generally from the arm. This is then placed into a centrifuge, which separates liquids of different densities. 
  • Subdivision of blood on the basis of densities: After the blood has been placed in the centrifuge, it will separate into three different types: the platelet-rich plasma, the platelet-poor plasma, and the red blood cells.
  • Injecting the platelet-rich plasma: After the layers of the blood have been perceived, the platelet-rich blood is taken into a needle in preparation for the treatment. This is then further injected unto the targeted areas of the scalp. PRP is specific to areas of hair loss only and is never run over random spots of the scalp.

As with every treatment that could be good for you, there can be certain side effects/risks involved that you should know of before you choose to go forward with the treatment. Even though PRP doesn’t necessarily hold a lot of side effects (since you’re essentially putting in your blood in your body), there are still a few side effects you need to be wary of:

  • Mild pain at the targeted areas where the injection had been used
  • Tenderness in the scalp due to sensitivity
  • Minor swelling or redness due to sudden activity in the scalp
  • Headache, since the scalp area can be quite sensitive
  • Itching and possible bleeding at the area that has been treated

If you suffer from any form of cancer, chronic skin or liver diseases, metabolic disorder, thyroid diseases, low-platelet count or any other chronic diseases, you might be rejected from getting PRP treatment. The treatment is also not recommended for heavy smokers and individuals with a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

PRP is relatively a safe treatment and is much more recommended than the variety of hair transplant treatments already available in clinics. As long as you get it at the right time, PRP could be the best treatment for you.


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