A Beginner’s Guide to Widely Used Polyurethane Products

Most of the people around the world today are dependent upon polyurethane products. However, these products appear so readily around us that we do not even consider knowing the origin of this material. Over 70 per cent of all polyurethane consumption in the world is in the form of foam. The polyurethane foam is an essential aspect of our society when it comes to safety and the ability to stay comforted. The foam version of this material is widely used to make cushions and seats. Moreover, all protective layers in delivery packages are done with polyurethane products.

As we talk about Polyurethane foam, one must know that it has various subcategories too. There is a soft foam of Polyurethane, and there is a version which is known as the rigid foam of Polyurethane. The softer ones are used to make cushions and protect delivery packages from any external impact, as it was mentioned. The rigid foam of Polyurethane is mainly used in insulation purposes in electronic devices. The refrigerators, the walls of the freezers, and other components that require insulation are dependent upon the rigid foam of Polyurethane.

The formulations and processes that make Polyurethane can vary the density of the material significantly. However, the less dense material is as essential and useful as the denser one. The low-density foam of Polyurethane is generally used to manufacture bedding essentials and upholstery. The lower density of this material makes it very light and very comfortable to rest our bodies. However, the higher density polyurethane products are used to make electronic tools and other rigid bodies that can withstand plenty of adverse conditions.

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There is, however, an intermediate between these two types of Polyurethane as well. This type is known as flexible Polyurethane. This material is neither too dense nor too light. Thus, it is used to make straps and holding devices which support the packaging of an item.

Properties of Polyurethane Products:

  • As Polyurethane is manufactured artificially, there are specific pros and cons to this compound. However, the disadvantages of using this material are nearly negligent. 
  • As Polyurethane is processed artificially, it is quite robust and can withstand a great deal of pressure and strain from the surroundings. Thus, delivery packages are very well suited to polyurethane products. As Polyurethane nullifies most of the stress from the external factors, the chances of any damages to the product is mostly zero.
  • This material has a high compressibility factor. Thus, when squeezed or suppressed, it can come back to its original shape and size with time. Therefore, pillows and cushions are widely made out of Polyurethane product.
  • The highly dense polyurethane products do an excellent job of insulators. Thus, electrical appliances have insulated circuits made out of Polyurethane. Moreover, this material also has a wide range of hardness as well. Thus, the chances of your appliances being damaged by voltage spikes are significantly reduced.
  • At very low or very high temperatures, the bonds in between the Polyurethane do not seem to break, and so, they can function at extreme conditions with great ease. The less-dense polyurethane products can easily be moulded to get specific shapes and sizes. This ability of Polyurethane helps the manufacturers in transporting goods and necessities all across the map without needing to stress upon any damages. 
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Polyurethane products can also be reused and renewed all the time. This aspect of Polyurethane does not only save enough resources and money from manufacturing their kind, but it also protects our environment, making sustaining its potential. Manufacturers practice proper re-usage of this Polyurethane product, and this makes sure that our environment is clean.

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