A Discussion On Common Car Air Conditioning Repair Issues

Car Air Conditioning

A broken car air conditioner can make your driving quite a task especially during the sultry summer months. A minor inconvenience the rest of the year, an inoperable A/C is certainly an emergency when the mercury rises. Here are a few reasons why your unit is on the fritz. Generally, if there is an issue with low refrigerant, then the compressor will not work, and the amount of cool air emanated will be reduced accordingly.

Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

Refrigerant Leaking

  • Refrigerant is a substance which is responsible for cooling the air which comes out of your air conditioner vents. When properly pressurized in a closed-loop system, refrigerant evaporates into a gas which is later used to cool an interior space.
  •  But when there is a leakage in this closed system, the refrigerant levels may fall considerably resulting in inhibition of operation. In other words, the fan will only blow hot. A common car air conditioning repair issue in older vehicles, this challenge is about locating the leak. Now, we need to figure out what is the reason for the same.
  • Often, an oily residue is the only sign that there is something wrong. You should also take note that a leak can occur almost anywhere in the car ac system, including the condenser, compressor or the evaporator. As such, the entire unit must often be examined to properly diagnose & also to correct the issue.
  • During different climatic conditions, you need to take your car for different types of servicing. The condenser cost and the sensor cost can vary. loud noise and sudden stopping of the compressor also gives you a notice that your car air conditioning needs repair.

Electrical Issues

In case your air conditioning is not working at all, the issue can probably be electrical. Relays, fuses, pressure switches & other electrical components can fail at any time because of any defect or due to age. When it happens, the system is being designed to shut itself down due to safety reasons. The inevitable result is an air conditioner which will not respond when switched on – not even the lights will work. Only an experienced mechanic electrical mechanic has the right knowledge & the right set of tools to isolate the problem with diagnostic testing.

Bad Compressor

Another very common car air conditioning repair problem in the older vehicles is a worn-out compressor. The compressor is the heart of the unit and the compressor is responsible for circulating the refrigerant throughout the entire system. When this breaks down, the vents will only blow warm. Although age is the most obvious culprit for compressor failures, the most important component can also fail because of faulty parts and contamination.

Clogged Air Filters

Attached to the outside intake of your car’s ventilation system, the cabin air filter effectively removes all the dust, dirt & pollution from the outside environment before this is pumped inside. When the filter gets clogged with the accumulated debris, this collects, airflow may be adversely affected. If your car air conditioner vents are sputtering or barely blowing, there is a good chance that an obstruction in the filter is the responsible culprit.


There can be several issues with the car air conditioning. Some of the most obvious reasons for the same are discussed in this write-up. So, whenever you notice any abnormality in your car air conditioning, you should never ignore the same and take necessary measures to fix them in order to avoid further damage. Generally, as a technique, you should not always pre-cool your car or else, go for keeping the ac filter unclean. You should not recirculate the air.

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