A New Type of Stamping Has Taken the Crafting Community by Storm: Layered Stamps

Layered Stamps

Do you feel like you have no creative bone in your body? Do you wish you could create pretty, crafty things and gift them to your friends? Do you dream of cooking up a spectacular project, but don’t know where to start? Well, guess what. It is 2020. You no longer need to be super creative to produce beautiful artistic creations.

Stamping has always been a key technique in the crafting community. Cardmakers and scrapbookers the world over have used a combination of clear stamps, rubber stamps, metal dies and various inks to create stunning layouts and designs. In addition to physical local locations where crafters gather to stamp or scrapbook together, new online communities have developed over time where crafters join together to share and discuss their crafting ideas and projects with each other.

Only a few years ago, craft supply stores have begun to sell a new type of stamp set: layered stamps. These stamps have quickly become some of the most popular stamps on the market and are uniting crafters all around the world.

What are layered stamps?

Layered stamp sets feature multi-step stamping layers to produce a multi-dimensional look with different colors in one image. Crafters stamp each layer on top of each other until a full image appears on the page. Layered stamping allows crafters to create a fully blooming flower or a magnificent blossoming tree in moments with just a few stamps. Small details appear over a larger image in a remarkable, realistic visual. The final layering effect is simply stunning.

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Who are layered stamps for?

Layered stamping is designed for all levels of crafters, from the beginner who is unfamiliar with many stamping techniques to the seasoned crafter who has been stamping for years. This type of stamping is especially helpful for beginners because it requires no coloring skill at all to create the desired colored shading effect. Someone who does not know how to accurately color with the various shading techniques can still manage this effect because of how simple the layering makes it.

Expert crafters also enjoy using layered stamps because there are still so many ways to get creative with them. Embossing, masking, and other techniques become much easier when coloring is taken out of the process. At the same time, some crafters may choose to skip stamping some layers and fill in the spaces with their own coloring. The possibilities are truly endless.

Floral Layering Stamps

Without a doubt, the top favorite type of layered stamps is floral layered stamps. Although crafters do stamp layered balloons, animals, cityscapes, bows, cake, the moon, and countless other images, they keep coming back to the florals. Combining layers of delicate petals and stems together into a magnificent bloom is an unparalleled experience

Floral layering stamps have become so popular that a whole new subscription service has been created that is dedicated just for layered floral stamps. The subscription service, aptly named “Build-A-Flower”, comes out with a brand-new stamp set each month, featuring a different type of flower. Crafters can test their creativity to their hearts’ delight with any type of flower imaginable from roses and peonies to dahlias and chrysanthemums, and even some flower species many may be unfamiliar with, including the Hellebore and the Anemone Coronaria. The stamp bundles come with coordinating dies for perfect hassle-free cut-out flowers and the choice of a set of inks that pair perfectly for each of the flower’s layers. The convenience and ease of using these layered stamp bundles are what continue to attract crafters time and time again.

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Tips and Tricks for Layering

If you are interested in trying out layered stamps, keep in mind a few pointers.

  • Get layered stamps that come with coordinating inks. Having a few different shades of one main color will help you get the effect you want with your layering.
  • Get layered stamps that come with coordinating dies. Fussy-cutting a flower or shape with lots of details can be a pain, so having a die that goes with your stamp will allow you to easily cut out your images after stamping.
  • Use the layering guides! Most layered stamp sets come with layering guides that carefully explain how to layer the stamp images. For your first time, use a stamp set that clearly numbers each stamp so you can be left with no confusion.
  • Use a handy stamping tool such as a Misti stamping tool to help you position your layers exactly how you want them.
  • Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes at first. Just keep practicing and you will soon get the hang of this simple crafting technique to create marvelous creations.
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