All About 3.5 Kw Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

While everybody has heard of air conditioning, perhaps most of them are not very sure of what is reverse cycle air conditioning. Well, if you are one of them, you are just on the right page to learn more about such air conditioners and what 3.5 kW reverse cycle air conditioners are all about.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

The reverse cycle air conditioning is fast becoming a popular choice among many different manufacturers of air conditioners and air conditioning systems. In simple words, reverse cycle air conditioning provides both function of heating and cooling. Hence, the refrigeration cycle is reversed to create cooling in summers and heating in winters. Thus together, the two systems work together more efficiently. This is best for all those people who live in areas of mild temperatures and can adjust the cooling and heating of their homes accordingly. Another added advantage of the reverse cycle air conditioner is that one can filter and dehumidify the air and therefore make the indoor environment healthier and cleaner.

Different parts of the country suffer from extreme temperature changes, even in monsoon. So, in order to maintain the normal temperature, the reverse cycle AC is suitable with best properties.

Features of 3.5 kw Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

The best part about reverse cycle technology is that one can control almost everything and can adjust the temperatures, humidity, and quality of indoor air.

  • A concealed dimmable digital display
  • 12 fan speeds for DC fan motor
  • HEPA and ion filters
  • Impressive Energy Star Rating
  • Automatic adjustments for consistent comfort levels
  • Filtration technology for removing any pollutants
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As 3.5 kw reverse cycle air conditioner power consumption is low, you can control your climate at much lower energy costs. Go ahead and create ideal conditions for your home without getting anxious about the bills as the units are quiet and cost-effective. The advanced sensor technology adjusts accordingly to the room temperature and activities.

With a 3.5 kw reverse cycle air inverter conditioner installed in your home means that now comfort is only a button press away. Take advantage of those programmable timers to control the fan speed, heating, air direction, or cooling cycles, and enjoy a ready room temperature for optimum comfort. You can now look forward to not just comfortable temperatures but also healthy Living as now the indoor air is free of any dust particles and contaminants; it has the property of air purifier

Auto mode chooses the right mode for the perfect or moderate temperatures, and the thermostat allows one to set the desired temperature accordingly. The 3.5 kw reverse cycle air conditioners come with a wide range of multiple fan speeds that can aid in cooling the room gradually or quickly. When the setting is on cool, the air conditioner removes heat from the inside to outside, and when the setting is on heat, it does the reverse. The Dry setting dehumidifies the air, and when you use the fan only feature, the unit blows air without heating.

The power consumption is lower, but a lot relies on the brand, and one should look for a higher energy star rating when shopping for a 3.5kW reverse cycle air conditioner.

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Check out the leading suppliers and dealers of 3.5kW reverse cycle air conditioners in your area and look for a unit that is just right for you. Get in touch with the customer care team, who would only be too happy to answer any of your questions and help you browse the various options available. Whatever choices you make, you can be sure that the reverse cycle is hard to beat, whether it comes to cooling or heating your home.

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