An Inevitable Requirement of Core Drilling

core drilling

Core drilling is a method for concrete testing. It may seem like an expensive procedure if you look at the narrow vision but if you analyze the bigger picture it is necessary to check the quality of concrete and make sure that it has not weakened over time. Some signs that indicate the necessity of concrete core drilling are scaling, leaching and pattern cracking. A core drill is usually a hollow, cylindrical tool that is used to make holes in surfaces. The components of a core drill are a motor, a handle and different types of drill bits. It is used for the collection of samples in the hollow portion and the substance that is carved out is tested for further analysis.

Different Surfaces Require Different Types of Core Drills

A core drill can cut through several different types of surfaces like cement, rocks, wood, and ice. This process is done by drill by pushing itself in different materials in a twisting motion. You have to adjust the drill’s settings accordingly and use drill bits that are appropriate for that specific surface. You can choose from various options available in the market.

Gathering the Pre-Drilling Equipment

Before the operator sets up the core drill, some prerequisites need to be set up to have a smooth workflow. Some of the accessories that would be required are roto-hammers, anchors and its setting tools, threaded studs, bolts, nuts, washers, level, and measure tape. These are just a few among the long list of accessories that would be necessary before beginning the process of core drilling.

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Choosing the Correct Drill Bit

You need to keep a number of factors in mind before choosing a drill bit. The first factor is objective or core drilling. Next, you have to determine the hardness of the surface on which you are going to use your drill. You can do this by referring to the Mohs scale for the hardness of a substance. Certain companies also produce color-coded drill bits to help the operators differentiate between the different types of drill bits easily. You also have to select a drill bit the correct geometry according to the surface and see if you wish to proceed with tapered, express or any other kind of waterways. Finally, test the selected drill bit before making a final incision.

Water is the Most Essential Requirement

It is extremely important to keep adequate water around the drilling site. These core drills get extremely heated while you are drilling through any kind of substance. Water is used in appropriate amounts to facilitate the piercing of the drill through the material. The core drill can be used for many purposes like drilling through plumbing, or masonry for pipes or manholes. It is also essential to have knowledge about the correct amounts of water required.The use of  the water during drilling also helps to keep the dust particles settled and help you make a cleaner hole

Finally, the Safety Gears and Precaution are an Unskippable Necessity

Every core drill comes with a set of instructions along with a safety manual. You should make sure that you have read these instructions carefully and are equipped with the appropriate safety gear like gloves, glasses, and shoes before you start performing the job. Prepare the people around the site and ensure that they also have adequate knowledge about safety rules and regulations. Conduct safety drills to increase the efficiency and response time of your colleagues. If you take these necessary preventive measures you can avoid any kind of occupational injuries that could happen while performing the task.

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