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Amazing And Different Varieties of Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs


Body decorations are always an interesting area of human nature. From the pre-historic period, our ancestors have shown keen interest in decorating the body. Designs and concepts of the tattoo, Hena/Mehndi might have originated for enhancing human beauty. Here, let’s have a look at few varieties of Arabic Mehndi designs. As the name states, these Mehndi designs are originated in Arabian countries, later it got popular in distinct parts of the world. However, other than Arabian countries it is more popular in the Indian sub-continent, especially in India and Pakistan. If you are confused about the things that enhance your beauty, then the search ends here. The flawless and beautiful Arabic mehndi designs undoubtedly will make you more beautiful.

Designs and Patterns

The Unique and distinctive style patterns of Arabic Mehndi makes it more popular. Arabic Mehndi Designs looks somehow similar to Indian style, but if we observe keenly variations can be seen. Furthermore,  Paisleys, leaves and flowery vines, meshworks, check patterns, perfect dot works all together make Arabic Mehndi Designs unique and special. This versatility in designs is a distinctive feature of Arabic Mehndi.

Now let’s look into a few prominent and popular Arabic Mehndi designs.

Paisley Design

Paisley designs are strongly associated with Arabic culture. Indeed, that had influenced the design and patterns of Arabic Mehndi. Paisley is a commonly seen design in Arabic clothes and textiles. However, it has been incorporated in the mehndi and has become a popular design.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


The Paisley pattern of design consists of mesh in the center portion. Furthermore, few leaf works are also added to the work. Moreover, in the fingers, swirly patterns can be added to enhance the beauty of mehndi work.

Double Trail Design

The line and alignments are considered one of the important features of Arabic mehndi designs. In this context, the double trail designs are perfect examples that show the brilliance of space arrangement.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


It is a typically feminine pattern that consists of leafy trails. Besides, the design consists of three beautiful trail patterns. However, these double trail designs exhibit a brilliant symmetry pattern. 

Ornate Design

If you are looking for a typical Arabic Mehndi design, then it will be the best choice to put beautiful ornate Arabic design. The designs start from the small finger and are spread to the palm and wrist.

The very detailing in the work makes this design more beautiful. However, it is one of the authentic and traditional Arabic Mehndi designs.

Back Finger Designs

The back fingers are also taken much into consideration in the Arabic Mehndi designs. It can be considered as one of the innovative designs. Fingers and wrists are designed separately. Although, the designed patterns of fingers and wrist will have the connection. Mostly leaves trials will be perfectly apt in back fingers and will look so elegant.


In the same context, instead of leafs designs, you can incorporate rose patterns. That will be more simple in nature and beauty. However, these designs look bold and stunning.

Mesh Designs

The mesh designs are yet another traditional Arabic mehndi patterns that are quite popular. It is started from the index finger and gets extended to the whole palm. The symmetrical brilliance in this design makes it more attractive. Furthermore, the design is extended to the wrist that adds its elegance.  The typical Arabic pattern is one of the highlighting part mesh designs.

Variations in Mesh’s designs are commonly seen. There is yet another mesh effect design that exhibits the intricate Arabic meshworks. In addition, the traditional line patterns are used in this design. However, the designs look more bold and intricate. The combination of flowers, mesh, and lines makes this mehndi design more elegant and flawless.

Mandala Floral Design

The incorporation of the mandala and floral designs is one of the modern blends of Arabic mehndi designs. In this form of design, the fingers look more decorated. Furthermore, the line and space that is used in the pattern are neatly executed. Also, you can add and customize the pattern and can make it more interesting.

Lotus Design


Flowers are a common part of mehndi designs. Lotus and roses are the widely used design patterns. However, the flower patterns are seen in Indian and Arabic mehndi designs. In the Arabic mehndi context, other traditional styles are incorporated along with lotus design.

Rose Design

Rose is one of the commonly used flowers in Arabic mehndi. The flower design pattern can be incorporated in many ways. Besides, many floral and design patterns are added along with the rose style to get a flawless look.

Criss-Cross Design

The criss-cross style is one of the simple yet beautiful Arabic mehndi designs. The dome-shaped pattern incorporated in this design makes it more eye-catchy. However, the lines need to be nicely portrayed to get a well distinct pattern. Furthermore, this design starts from the wrist and goes further up until the arm. The floral and the leaf works are added in the wrist above the region.

Designs Varieties

The mehndi designs and patterns are not limited to just palms. It can go further up to the arms, and also in leg, feet, angle, and so on. However, these varieties in the design are commonly seen in functions and occasions.

Leg Designs: The incorporation of Arabic mehndi designs in leg looks amazing. You can put many patterns in the leg that looks flawless. For instance, the lace pattern will suit the best in leg designs. Moreover, the appropriate customization of Arabic designs looks stunning in the leg.


Feet Designs: The Arabic Mehndi designs looks flawless in feet if it is beautifully portrayed. Many patterns can be well executed in the feet region. Also, floral and traditional Arabic designs incorporated in the feet designs make it a classy feel.

Arm Designs: The Arm design Arabic mehndi is not a popularly seen design. It is one of the variations of the design, that sometimes act in the substitution of tattoos. You can put these traditional designs when you feel like and don’t require any occasion.


Unique and customized designs can be put in the arm region. For instance, Armband mehndi design is one of the commonly used arm design. However, you can add simple designs like lotus and patterns to the arm designs.


Hundreds of amazing Arabic mehndi designs are available these days, which may be useful for you. However, few popular and beautiful Arabic mehndi designs are discussed here. Arabic mehndi is something, that gives you an elegant feel.

Putting mehndi on any occasion or function enhances the party mood of any situation. Moreover, it is deeply associated with body decoration. Furthermore, mehndi is part of the culture and lifestyle. It need time, effort, and patience to get a well-designed mehndi. If you take part in an occasion next time, make sure that you put a mehndi that enhances your beauty.


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