Ashok Leyland Silent DG Set for Rent

Ashok Leyopower rental generator presents with a number of key features. The compact design of the engine makes them great in fuel efficiency. During the time of a blackout they offer you an effective and powerful generator.

Silent Diesel Generators are highly efficient to perform the task with accuracy and effectively which are appreciated by the clients.They are also much lighter than other more conventional generators.

Specification of Ashok Leyland silent DG set:

BrandAshok Leyland
Dg Weight1876 kg
Fuel Consumption17.5 L/Hr
Lube Oil Capacity17.5 L/Hr
Engine ModelAL 6DTI DG1
No Of Cylinders Configuration6,In line
Oil Change Period600 Hrs or 1 Year
Compression Ratio16.5 +/- 0.5 1
Bore X Stroke104 x 113 mm
Dimension3300 x 1250 x 1565(LxWxH) mm
Coolant Capacity Approx. (L)20
Fuel Tank Capacity200 ltr
Governing Class TypeA0
Displacement5.76 Ltr
Lube Oil SpecificationGulf Leypower XLL Diesel Engine Oil
Battery Capacity (Ah)90
Power100 KVA
Electric Power80 kWe
Rated Current139.12 Amp
System DC Voltage12 V
Engine Rated Power94/126.05 kW/HP


Key Features of silent Diesel Generators

  • Reliable, Robust & Rugged engines designed to deliver constantly in onerous environment
  • Better Block Loading Capability
  • Compact engine design for Optimized Power Solutions
  • Low Ownership Cost
  • Low Oil & Fuel consumption
  • Continuous obligation Power rating
  • Minimal vibrations and decrease noise levels
  • Easy Serviceability & Repairability
  • Standardized Design for whole range
  • Wide after-sales & components supportSilent DG sets

Benefits and Use of silent DG set:

Low Maintenance Cost –DG units do not have any spark plugs in their engine. In other forms of generators, those are the components that need regular maintenance and replacement. The absence of these in a DG set approach that they need low protection and are hassle-free.

Design –The silent DG sets are constructed to be lengthy lasting, attributable to the rugged and strong design that makes them best to operate even below intense conditions, without requiring ordinary upkeep.

Variety –DG sets are available in a wide range from 5KVA to 2250KVA. The model can be selected depending upon the necessities and ultimately may be sold from the market.

Fuel Efficiency –The walking price of DG set according to hour is tons lesser than that of a petrol Genset because diesel is greater comparatively cheaper than petrol or gasoline. They are also extra gas efficient, producing more strength according to litres of diesel than the generators running on any other gas.

Low Noise –The silent DG units are supposed to create minimum noise. Their enclosures are created to be soundproof and motivate minimum vibrations, making them an environmentally friendly and best choice for operation in residential areas.

You can use silent Gensets for residential and commercial use, and they can be used anyplace you’d normally use a traditional generator. One particular type of silent generator uses solar energy, that is silent, no noise, and does a job same to that of a non-silent generator. They do price more, however the comfort and silence they give you is without a doubt well worth the extra expense.

Advantages of silent DG set:

For a wider variety of applications, the device can work under the requirements of excessive noise and harsh environments. Such as metropolis construction, large-scale activities, large-scale projects, etc. Silent diesel generators come with good satisfactory performance, which absolutely meet the cutting-edge environmental protection requirements.

There are especially three major benefits of a silent diesel generator: silence, energy saving, high efficiency.

As the backup power, soundproof generators had been widely used due to their low value performance. Especially in hospitals, hotels, excessive-end residing areas, shopping malls and other places with strict necessities on environmental noise. They are vital emergency equipment.

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