Benefits of Lime Water- For Skin, Hair, and Health

Benefits of Lime Water- For Skin, Hair, and Health


 Lime is a greenish, round fruit that possesses acidic properties and is sourly belonging to the Rue (Rutaceaefamily. It is known for its usage in pickles and chutneys. Moreover, it is also a flavoring agent in various drinks and food items. Lime is one of the popular citric fruit that can be readily available in distinct parts of the world. If one uses this in a certain way, then it can be very beneficial for health. Also, the average price of Lime is affordable, indeed making it more available to many people. Lime water is the most significant outcome that we can prepare out of Lime. There are many fantastic health benefits of lime water. Here we begin with a short description of what Lime is and its different varieties.

Moreover, it introduces readers to the nutritional value of Lime. A detailed description of the health benefits of lime water is also given. So let’s look at the broader aspects of Lime. 

 Are Lemons and Limes the same?

 People often have this confusion to distinguish between Lime and lemon. Indeed, both are different from each other though they may have similar tastes. Lemons are yellow, whereas limes are green. Limes have a slightly bitter taste, while lemons have a sweeter taste. However, both are good citric fruits having almost similar nutrition value. Different types of limes are available in the market, like the Key Lime, Kaffir lime, Desert lime, and Persian Lime.

 Nutritional Value of Lime

 Lime contains a lot of nutrients that are useful for healthy body functioning. Mostly, it is rich in Vitamin C. Other nutrients present in Lime are Calcium, Iron, Vitamin B6, Thiamine, Potassium, Riboflavin, Niacin, folate, phosphorous, and magnesium. There remains no doubt that Lime may provide a host of benefits to our body. People often have this doubt regarding how to add Lime to their diet. Consumption of Lime in a juice format is one of the ideal ways to take it. So in this context, Let us dig more about the benefits of lime water.

 Benefits of Lime Water

 Lime water is one of the most sought beverages, especially in the warm summers. It not only makes you feel light but will also recharge your body. For instance, Lime water can also be an alternative to plain water. Certainly, Lime not only adds taste to water but provides a lot many health benefits.

 Good for Skin

Benefits of Lime Water- For Skin, Hair, and Health


People spend thousands of bucks on skincare products to get fair, spotless, and glowing skin. However, drinking lime water may provide more long-lasting benefits to the skin. Lime water is not only inexpensive, but it also has many antioxidants that strengthen skin collagen and prevent aging. Moden researches points out that Lime can be useful for healthy skin. Furthermore, applying lime peel on the face in a certain way also gives good results for the skin.

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 Aids digestion

 Lime water is beneficial to stop digestion issues like constipation, bloating, lack of appetite, etc. The acidic content of Lime helps in breaking down food and increases the speed of digestion of food. However, the intake of it needs regulation. Lime flushes out toxins from the body, making the system clean.

 Prevents infections

With dangerous viruses emerging in our environment, it becomes vital for us to have foods that increase our immunity. Having Lime water every day increases your body immunity due to the presence of Vitamin C in it. Especially in today’s context, maintaining your body’s ph level and having a strong immunity is crucial. Drinking lime water may also reduce the risk of you getting colds and other infections.

 Promotes kidney health

 The proper functioning of the kidney is a must factor to lead a healthy life. Modern lifestyle in many people is harming the health of kidneys. Consumption of lime water in an appropriate way can boost the better performance of kidneys. Fresh lime water stimulates the generation of urinary citrate, which helps in dissolving kidney stones. Also, It prevents the formation of new stones. Lime also contains Potassium, which removes toxins from the kidneys. A toxin-free kidney also keeps the urinary bladder healthy.

 Promotes weight loss

Benefits of Lime Water- For Skin, Hair, and Health


Obesity is one of the major byproducts of lazy lifestyles. Millions of people across the globe face many problems due to obese body. Lime water is excellent for enhancing metabolism. Due to this reason, those keen on reducing their weight must drink lime water. Also, many health experts suggest the use of lime water for reducing weight. However, It is advisable to drink it empty stomach.

 Prevents Cancer

Studies have suggested that Lime may reduce the risk of Cancer. Lime contains Kaempferol and limonins, which have anti-carcinogenic properties. Limonin’s protect against breast, mouth, lungs, stomach, and skin cancer.

 Helps in dealing with oral problems

 Maintaining a fine oral health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. A lack of oral care can result in tooth decay and mouth gum issues. Drinking lime water helps in tooth pain, bad breath, bleeding gums, and many other oral problems.

 Promotes hair health

Hair is the most concern issue for a large group of people around the world. Nowadays, hair fall and other hair issues happen at a very young age. Besides genetic reasons, an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the primary reasons for this. Studies show that lime water consumption can reduce dandruff, which leads to a less healthy scalp and hair. Furthermore, drinking lime water also prevents graying of hair and makes your hair shiny and smooth.

 Good for heart


Cardiac arrest and blockages in the cardiac channels are some of the main problems affecting millions of people. Undoubtedly, maintaining a healthy heart is vital for our survival. There are Potassium and magnesium present in limes that perfect for heart health. Also, Potassium reduces blood pressure, which results in low chances of heart attack and stroke. In the latest studies, it points that limonins present in Lime may lower cholesterol. Indeed, helping to maintain a good functioning of the heart.

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 Maintains the PH levels of the body

 Maintaining the balance in ph level is the key for good body function. Though limes are acidic, once Lime enters your body, it becomes alkaline. A body with too much acidity in it becomes home to disease and pain. Processed foods, grains, fish leave acidic residues in our body. At the same time, fruits and vegetables leave alkaline residues. Lime is very beneficial for maintaining the body ph level and for removing excess acidity.

 Reduces Inflammation

 Inflammation in the body can happen due to many reasons. Joint inflammation occurs mainly due to excess acidity in the body. Lime water removes uric acid, which is responsible for joint pain.

 Side effects

 Though limes can do miracles in the body, it may have side effects too. Generally, Limes are very safe to consume. But if you are allergic to citrus fruits, then one must avoid limes. In some cases, lime juice may cause acid reflux. Excessive of anything can harm anyone. So it is essential to maintain balance and to intake the substance in the right way. The excess lime water consumption may erode the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities. However, To protect your teeth, gargle with plain water after consuming lime water.


 It is easy to make lime water and doesn’t needs many ingredients. Also, it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare it. Following are a few steps to make lime water.


  1.  Wash a juicy lime before cutting it.
  2.  Cut the lime and squeeze the juice out of it in a glass
  3.  Add water to the glass (you may add some lime slices in the drink to enhance the flavor of the drink)


Consume lime water early in the morning on an empty stomach. This will not only help in hydrating you but will also flush out toxins from your body and help in bowel movement. Therefore, helping you in weight loss and will benefit you in many other ways.

 Keep in Mind While Consuming Lime water

 While consuming lime water, There are certain things that one needs to keep in mind.

  1. First, Know your body. If your system reacts to acidic foods, then it is advisable to avoid them.
  2. Don’t overconsume anything; it can have adverse health on your body.
  3. It is advisable not to add too much sugar or salt while preparing lime water. By adding extra flavors, it can lose its true essence and may not benefit you much.
  4. If you are suffering from cold or thyroid problems. It is advisable to make Lime in normal water rather than cold water. 
  5. The right mixture of water and Lime is essential. It should not be too strong nor too blend. 


We, humans, are having many great blessings in our life. The use of genuine natural items in specific ways can heal and rejuvenate our whole body. Lime is one such incredible citric fruit that can bring wonders to human health. But sometimes, we take things for granted and don’t give importance to small items. Understanding the real value of such things can transform our life. Also, we must use something in the right way. Undoubtedly, lime water benefits are phenomenal; if we add it appropriately to our diet, it can do miracles in our health.


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