Benefits of Meditation-Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Benefits of meditation


If there is anything that all of us have in common is a constant urge to be happy. That is not too much to ask, right. Many times we seek happiness from others. Also, sometimes we want to create a pleasant environment. Furthermore, we want to make our loved ones happy. Joy provides us with satisfaction. We feel glad that we exist. But there are times when we get forced to question our very existence. It is because life is a bumpy ride. However, we cannot expect it to be smooth always. Benefits of meditation, have you ever thought about this aspect? Lets have a look on this dimension now.

Relevance of Meditation

Global pandemic and constant confinement at home make chaos in our lives. It has left us alone to solve the jigsaw puzzle of life. Due to stressful life we feel anxious, depressed, and lonely at times. Also, many of us are away from our loved ones. While some of us have lost all the personal space. So the question that arises is What to do now? 

We need to put an end to  our restlessness by clarifying our thoughts. So as part of that we are going to talk about meditation. This article is an effort to understand the benefits of meditation. Also, how it comes out to be a boon for all our mental and emotional illnesses.

Benefits of Meditation

  Reduction in stress level 

  •  Our too busy lifestyle or being too idle nature is painful. These problematic lifestyles leads to stress. Usually, too much mental or physical stress creates many problems.
  • It may increase the level of the stress hormone known as Cortisol. However, the excessive production of this hormone might lead to several physical ailments.
  • For instance, You may have disrupted sleep cycles, increased blood pressure fatigue, or cloudy thinking.

Research has shown that regular practice of meditation may reduce stress-related disorders.

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  Improves sleeping patterns 

  •  Almost half of the people struggle with sleep disorders. Insomnia at some point in life. However, it can be excessive sleeping patterns.
  •  Too much stress might exhausts you. Practicing meditation improves your sleeping patterns. It make you sleep sooner and longer. Also meditation  reduce negative thoughts and provides better relaxation.

 Controls Anxiety 

  •  The regular practice of meditation makes you less stress. It leads to better control and less anxiety.
  •  Regular practice of meditation helps in solving several mental problems. Like phobias. Manias, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. 
  •  It leads to better self-control of our own self.
  •  It will help you to have better control over your own body, mind, and soul.

 Improves blood circulation

  •  Meditation is like food to your soul. It also helps in reviving and restoring your physical health. 
  •  It also helps to reduce high blood pressure. 
  •  Blood pressure can lead to life-threatening diseases.  Atherosclerosis caused due to blood pressure might lead to a heart attack.

Can improve the level of kindness 

  •   Meditation may increase positive feelings and compassion. The practice of meditation makes you a better person. Also through the regular practice of meditation, people learn how to start forgiving. 
  •  You will show more kindness to your fellow beings. Also, you might even end up forgiving your enemies. 
  •  Forgiveness is a key to self-awareness. Thus meditation gives you satisfaction.

  Might help in reducing addictions 

  •  Any form of addiction might destroy you physically and emotionally. It impacts not only your life, but also the lives of your loved ones. Even though When you want to get out, you don’t know how to quit.
  •   It helps in restoring your lost self-control and discipline. 
  •  You will start feeling contented and peaceful. You will Break all the traps of dependency on addictive things. Moreover, The practice of meditation will increase your will power. It leads you  to restore your self confidence. Also, the self-love will glow on your pretty face.

Types of Meditation

There are several types of meditation practices. Let’s look at a few among them. 

 Mindfulness Meditation 

 It is one of the most popular meditations in the world. Its traces go back to Buddhist roots. The benefits of meditation in the context of mindfulness form is immense.

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 It’s a simple type of mediation. The practice of mindfulness meditation can get perform by anyone above the age of 7.

  • The mindfulness practice doesn’t involve any mental strain and effort. 
  • You have to witness your thoughts. 
  • Just observe your thought processes that involve concentration and awareness.
  • Also, you can focus on and observe any bodily sensations.
  • It is the perfect type of meditation for those who don’t have teachers or proper guidance.

Mantra Meditation

It is one of the oldest forms of meditation practice. Also, it has wide acceptance across the globe.

  • Specific mantra and sounds get utter in this type of meditation.
  • The mantras helps you in the focusing of the mind.
  • One most famous phrase that gets used as a mantra is “om.” You can use that according to your choice.
  • Moreover, it  is one of the easily accessible forms of meditation.
  • The mantras that use in meditation gets repeated.

Focus Meditation

It is one of the simple and direct types of meditation. The focus mediation can get practice by anyone. Let’s look more about the focus meditation:

  • You can practice this meditation with the help of your five senses. 
  • Make use of your senses as a tool to increase your concentration.
  • Also, You can focus on something internal or external.
  • For instance, you can focus on your breath. On the other hand, you can focus on something external like the rosary, mala, rudraksha beads etc.

Movement Meditation

Unlike other types, movement meditation is different. As the name indicates, this meditation involves physical movements.

  • You can practice this type of mediation while performing any bodily activities.
  • You can put your concentration and awareness in your actions.
  • The movement meditation will add quality to  your activities.
  • Those who find it challenging to sit and meditate, movement meditation will be a perfect choice.

There are many varieties and types of meditation. Also, each style has its unique feature and patterns. However, the benefits of meditation of these types aim awareness and concentration.


Every day we cope up with new struggles and problems. We cannot change external situations. But we can take charge of ourselves. Meditation is one of the powerful techniques. It helps to enhance our life’s quality. The benefits of meditation are immense. Indeed, it can transform a person’s life. Also, Let’s give 10 – 30 minutes average daily time for meditation and lead a beautiful and quality life.


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