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Quicken is an accounting software that is designed by Quicken Inc. Quicken was a part of Intuit Inc. Quicken uses a database file structure earlier quickens were work on ms-dos and apple II in around 1983. On 3rd March 2016, Intuit Inc announced to sell Quicken to H.I.G capital. Quicken has different versions of windows and macintosh, for example, Quicken Starter, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Premier, Quicken Rental Property Manager and Quicken Home & Business, as well as Quicken for Mac etc. Quicken support is a part of the quicken in which quicken solve user errors.

Quicken is very popular in North America and this company mostly sold his software in the United States and Canadian marketplace. Approx 17 million people trust one Quicken, as his name suggests that core product offering of personal accounting management software. This software includes financial planning activities for example- recording banking transactions, tracking investments and their prices and performance, planning a budget and measuring progress against it, and etc.

There are many options available and it’s up to you which one you choose I recommend you to first go check your software up to date or not and it is not updated then you can update your software from free patch file and it is the fastest and easiest way to check your software is working properly or not.

The second easiest, fast and effective way to take support is come online and visit the official website of the quicken support in which quicken describe almost all the FAQs. Come on the website support homepage on the top of the page you will get the search box there you can find the solution for your problem.

Quicken chat support

If you face any problem outside of these working days and after time period then you can take the help of quicken chat support. Our quicken chat support works 24*7 you can contact us any time.
Step 1: Open your browser.
Step 2: Type
Step 3: Click on the support
Step 4: In the bottom of the page click on the Contact support.
Step 5: Type your problem in the given search box.

Error OL-220-a

It is a banking error it arises when quicken failed to fetch the data from the bank.
Reason behind Error Ol-220-a
Quicken not properly installed.
When you are using Corrupt window registry.
When your system has virus & malware.
When quicken record is damaged.
Ensure that you have the latest update release.
Deactivate/Reactivate the account facing Error.
OL-220-aDeactivate/Reactivate the account facing Error OL-220-a.
(Tools – Account List – Edit – Online services – Deactivate – Yes – Ok – Done).
Uninstall the Quicken accounting software

Error CC-800

These are the reason behind error CC-800-
Download corrupted software and software does not properly installed.
Data/ Information affected by viruses and malware attacks.
Quicken is running in background.
When you have corrupted windows registry.
Make sure your software is up to date
(Go to Help>Check for Updates).
Refresh the online account details.
( Open register> Go to account that has issue> Gear icon> Update now by pressing Ctrl+U+Alt > Enter password >Update Now ).
Deactivate your account
(Tools > Account List> Click on Edit>Online Services>Deactivate>Yes>Ok>Done).
Reactivate the Account
(Tools > Account List> Click on Edit>Online Services>Configure>User ID and Password of your bank account>Connect>Next and Finish).

Error “Oops” message

This message arises when the server is not responding simply you need to wait after some time it will work again if you are facing problems again and again then must have to follow these steps-
Step 1- Check your internet connection to your system.
Step 2- Your Internet speed is slow.
Step 3- Contact your ISP(Internet service provider).


Current editions-
Quicken 2019 for windows(Starter, Deluxe, Premier).
Quicken 2019 for Mac(Starter, Deluxe, Premier).
Quicken 2019 home & business for windows.

Services provided by quicken

Manage spending
Manage spending helps you to manage your spending money on the web by which you can analyse how much did you spend in the past few days. Manage spending helps you to see your all expenses at a glance with the help of graph.
You can easily take a look where your money goes, with the help of transactions. And, you can search your transaction by your transaction amount or the type of expenses.
You can keep an eye on your all transactions and you can take a look on different household members.
You can view your balance, budget, account transactions.
You can see the spending trend.
You can check the performance of the investment.
Transaction history can be checked by this.
your data syncs across desktop, web, and mobile.
Create a budget
At the end of the month, you check your money and you are confused where all your money goes and if you want to track your transaction then you can take to help quicken budget.
Making a budget with quicken encourage you to more sure about to control your spending and solve money related objectives.
Quicken automatically create a budget according to your recurring expense categories. After that, you can easily add or remove categories according to your needs.
These are the following steps to create a budget-
Step 1- Click the planning tab.
Step 2- Select the budget tab.
Step 3- Click get started or choose Budget Actions > Create a new budget.
Step 4- Type the name of the budget.
Step 5- Advance budget set to change anything in the budget.

View and pay bills

Quicken bill pay is an online bill pay service. Intuit developed the Quicken bill pay. View and pay bills is very useful to get remind which bill left and you can pay your bills within the due date.


Email notification sent to you when a bill arrives.
You do not need to go to different sites and it remember the passwords.
You can see all the bills in one place.
Schedule bills to be paid in the future.
You can view full details of each bill.
Set up repeating payments through Quicken bill pay.
You can analyze how much did you last time.
You never miss any bills and you do not pay late fees.

How to Pay Bills using Quicken Software
Pay bills using quicken software-

Step 1- From the top navigation bar, select quicken bill pay.
Step 2- Select a pay bill in quicken.
Step 3- Select the company which you want to pay and press enter.
Step 4- Enter the date in which you want to pay and enter the amount which you want to pay in future and press enter.
Step 5- Click Update/send you will get a notification on that day which you mention above.

Pay bills using web-
Step 1- Visit quicken bill pay website and login into your account.
Step 2- Then click make a payment to a payee and select the company you want to pay.
Step 3- Enter the date in which you want to pay and enter the amount which you want to pay in future and press enter.
Step 4- Click then click On make payment.

View bill on the web-
Step 1- Visit quicken bill pay website and login into your account.
Step 2- Then click on the payee setup.
Step 3- Click on bills.
Step 4- Click on View.

Track investment

Quicken has many features that will help you to make it easier to manage your investments. You can check your current holding and you can also take a look at your transaction history. And you can estimate the effects of changes to your portfolio. All the things are represented in a graphic format which saves your lot’s of time.
Quicken tracks stocks, dividends and return of capital. Quicken offers high-security and privacy for your investments. Your data is stored securely on your computer and not on a remote server.

Some steps to track investment-
Step 1- visit the quicken official website.
Step 2- Click on a solution.
Step 3- After that click on track investment.
Step 4- Here you can track your investment.

Manage a small business

Since 1988, quicken has the biggest name in accounting software. It provides almost all of the basics of regular accounting so you can easily manage both your personal and business accounting in the same place.
Quicken gives invoices, estimates, contact management, accounts payable, project management, and ample reports.

Quicken Home & business is a great option for those businessmen who want to take control of their personal and business accounting all at once. It recently combined Quicken Home & Business and Quicken Rental Property Manager into one software. Quicken Home & Business is locally-installed programs, in mobile apps. There is also a new web application where you can access your account on the cloud through the Quicken website.
Property management
Property management simplifies the rental property. You are all rental property information store at one place if you need rental property-related information for example- Bank accounts, loans, documents, tenant lists, income, and expenses you can access all of these very easily.
In the rental dashboard, you can see the status of your property rent received, occupancy all at a glance.
It helps in contact information, move-in, move-out dates and security deposit. You can also save the lease term, rental rates, and security deposits amounts directly in Quicken.

Quicken property management help in outstanding and paid rents, the software automatically sends an email with the payment link to a tenant and send rent receipt. It is also tracking the income, run schedule E and other tax schedule report to simplify tax time.
Quicken Benefit
Quicken membership has different types of benefits these depend upon you, which membership do you choose.
Quicken also provides “optional quicken membership benefits” we provide the best products and services to help you live your best financial life

Some common quicken features include in all membership

Latest update- Quicken regularly release updates to overcome the previous issues in the new update and it also adds some new features in the new update.
Online storage- Quicken provides the up to 5gb free online storage in dropbox.

Optional quicken membership benefits

Quicken World Mastercard- It helps to get the real-time notification into your quicken mobile phone app.
Allstate Identity Protection- It helps to Catch fraud sooner with real-time alerts using Allstate’s proprietary technology.
Quicken Bill Pay- you can pay your bills. Pay anyone in the United States from most of the banks and you can transfer funds between financial institutions.

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