10 Best short haircuts for girls: Here is all you need to know about

best short haircuts for girls

Are you tired of carrying the same old look? Or you want a change in your style. Or you want your ex-boyfriend to think over you again and again. We are mentioning best short haircuts for girls.  

Well, no matter what the actual reason is, we are here to help you out. With the ongoing trend, having short hair has become a new fashion. Well, everyone wants to look pretty and wants to keep herself updated. So, over here, we have bought some new and unique must-try haircuts for everyone. It doesn’t matter what hair you have, we have solutions for every one of you. 

Without any postponement, let’s talk about the best short haircuts for girls. 


 Short Haircuts for Girls


Here are 10 Best Short Haircuts for Girls!

1. Feather Cut

No matter how thick or thin, or how long or short your hairs are. You can always go for this haircut. It is one of the most trendy haircuts for girls. In this haircut, the hairs are layered, and once the haircut is done, it looks like the layering of a bird’s feathers. This is one of the haircuts, which have been seen since the 1970s. Thus we can evidently and unquestionably say that this style of haircut won’t go out of fashion.

2. Wavy Cut

If you have thick and curly hair simultaneously, this is the best hairstyle for you. If you want to maintain your hair’s quality, you must surely use a diffuser after washing your hair. This will lock your hair and would prevent frizz, and would also encourage voluminous loose waves. After getting this haircut, you will find a new person, and you will also feel confident.

3. Short Layered Cut

Short layered cut is one of the best short haircuts for girls. It is an ear-to-neck-length haircut. To give more shape to the cut, it has short layers, which cuts look very classy and trendy. This makes the hair look very smart, and it also adds more texture to it. This looks great. Women with thin hair can especially go for this haircut, as this cut has layers, which will add more volume, which will ultimately make your hair look good and trendy.

4. Short straight cut

If you have straight hair, then you have many options. If you have straight, long hair, you can chop them off and adapt to any of the latest and trending hairstyles. There is a long list of hairstyles and haircuts that can be done with straight hairs. If you have straight hairs and want to get the hair chopped, then you must consider the given options.

  • You can chop them off till shoulder level, and then you can follow longer in the front pattern. Instead of having layers in the back, you can add layers in the front. That looks way more classy. 
  • Another best short haircut for girls with straight hairs who want short hairs can be Wispy lob. This looks amazing on every kind of personality. This hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance, so whether you are a college-going student or are a mother of three kids, you can easily manage your work and life as well as your hair and can stay fashionable. 

           Here some more tricks

  • Angled bob is another style that you can go for. If you have straight and want your hair to be short, then again, this is one of the most trending haircuts. This hairstyle will only and only suit yo ladies having straight hair. So all the viewers who have curly hair, please don’t try this hairstyle. If you have a round face or have an issue with a double chin, then this is the best haircut you can ever have! The Angled Bob haircut will add features to your face and make it look more trendy and charming.  
  • If you have straight hair, but as soon as you wake up in the morning, your hairs get messy and have a bit of curl. Suppose you are this kind of person and are looking for a haircut, that gives you a fresh look and adds to your personality and saves you from such issues. Then all your problems end over here, and you should surely try a short bob with heavy bangs hairstyle. Now, if you are getting confused as to what kind of style is this, then, in that case, open your Instagram account and check Taylor Swift’s hairstyle. Check all her posts featuring short and straight hair. The haircut that she has got done is known as Short bob with heavy bags. This hairstyle takes care of your curls as well. And adds a new texture and liveliness to your look. 

5. Wob Cut

If you are looking for a combination of a messy and elegant look, both at the same time, then you must indeed check this look. A wob cut is usually a wavy shoulder-level look. This is a low-maintenance haircut and is ideal for summer weather. It adds a soft wave and a bit of texture to your hair, giving an eye-captivating look. People with thin as well as thick hair can surely try this haircut. Even people with curls can also go for this haircut. This cut will surely give them a contemporary vibe.

6. Graduate Cut

A graduate cut is a cut where weight is built upon the extreme line. In more straightforward language, we can say that the backside of your face will have shorter hair, and as the hair flips from back to front, it gets longer. In general, we can say that we have shoulder-level hair on both sides, and on the backside, we have short hair. Similarly, one can even get her hair chopped in other ways, as only one end has pointed and long hair, whereas the other side doesn’t have the same look.

7. Wispy Cut

This kind of haircut is also known as framing layers haircut. If you have short hair, then this is one of the best short hair cuts for girls. One can recreate this style if she has smooth hair. This cut adds layers to the hair and makes it look more graceful. This kind of hairstyle is easy to manage, and it also controls your hair from getting frizz.

If you want to make this simple look more attractive and mesmerizing, you can surely go for wispy bangs. This will recreate your look and take it to the next level. But if you are going for this look, you need to ensure that you maintain the look. If you fail to do so, your new haircut will look terrible. So, if you are ready to invest time to maintain your hair, then only you should go for Wispy bangs.

8. Bob Cut

Bob cut aka Bob is a famous haircut among celebrities. If you have straight hair, then again, you must indeed consider this haircut. It is one of the best short haircuts for girls. The hairstyle offers bangs, also known as fringes at the front, to make them look more classic. This hair look is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level. It is usually cut in between or below the tips of the ears and above the shoulder level. This haircut looks classy and never goes out of trend!

9. Shag Cut

If you have straight hair, and want to have a chance for a while, and want to add curls or layers, then you must surely try this hairstyle. Also, if you have wavy or curly hairs, then also you can try this hair look. Any person, irrespective of hair length, thickness, and volume of hair, can try this gorgeous and stunning haircut. Anyone can try out this superb style, as it’s a unisex haircut. This haircut gives a beautiful look. Shag cut adds layers to various lengths. These layers are feathered at the top as well as on the sides.

10. Choppy Cut

If you have voluminous hair, this is a must-try haircut. This is among the best short haircuts for girls. This cut adds texture and shine to the hair and makes it look more attractive. This hair look is shorter in the back and is comparatively longer in the front, which adds a nice texture to the hair. If you are the one who binge-watch Netflix, you might have seen this cut in one of the web series. Katherine Langford had a choppy cut in one of her popular web series.


Short haircuts for girls


The Bottom Line

If you want to recreate your look or want to get your hair chopped, you must indeed check these fantastic haircuts. These were the Top ten best short haircuts for girls. Some of them are evergreen style, which you can surely give a try. To make your work simpler, we have even mentioned which look is perfect for hair type and all other essential points. We hope that we have helped you a lot, and this blog was helpful to you.


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