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Indian stock market is not easy to understand. That’s why most of the people are unable to crack the trends in the market. This makes it crucial for the individual and institutional investors to hire the stock broking firms for making investments in the stock market. Stock brokers are actually authorized companies or people to act as an agent for the investor to trade in the stock market. Apart from these, they also render them the advisory services regarding the various investment options available to them. Some broking companies also performs the asset management tasks on behalf of their customers. Thus, they can be hired in order to transfer all the investment related tasks from the customers to them. This makes the things very easy and manageable for the investors. In this article, we are going to discuss about the top stock broking firms which can be approached by the individual and institutional investors for getting the brokerage services. So, without any delay. Let’s start the discussion about those stock brokers.

AxisDirect: –Axis Securities Ltd. is a part of the Axis bank, one of the leading private banks in the India. Axis Securities was incorporated in the year 2005 and it is a full-service broker. It offers distribution of financial products and stock broking services to the retail customers in India through its subsidiary named as AxisDirect. AxisDirect is one the top stock broking firms in India which caters to the individual as well as institutional investors. The company offers investment in Mutual Funds, equities, IPO, SIP, Bonds, ETF and Company Fixed deposits etc. Axis Securities also offers Auto loans, Home loans, loans against property, personal loans, Credit and Prepaid cards etc.


SMC Global: –SMC Global is one of the leading financial services company in India, which was incorporated in the year 1994. The company offers a wide range of services like investment banking, brokerage and wealth management services.Apart from being strongly present in India, SMC Global also has international presence and is serving the international customers through its Dubai Office. Company is serving its customers through a huge network of more than 50 branches and 2400 registered sub-brokers situated across the country. SMC Global also offers an online trading portal as one stop financial investment portal for the customers. SMC Global also offers online trading services to its customers in Derivatives, Equities, Commodities, currencies, Mutual Funds, IPOs etc.

Wisdom Capital: – Wisdom Capital is well known discount brokerage firm operating in the Indian stock market, which was incorporated in 2013. Due to being a discount brokerage firm, the brokerage charges which are offered by the company are quite low. The brokerage plans which are designed by the Wisdom Capital are to meet the investment needs of every type of individual and institutional investors existing in the market. Wisdom Capital enables the customer to trade in almost all metals, non- agri and agri commodities and experience the best trading experience. Three major plans which are designed by the Wisdom for its customers are- Freedom Plan, Pro Plan and Ultimate Plan.

Those were the top stock brokers in India on which the individual and institutional investors can rely upon for making any kind of investment in the Indian stock market.

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Would I be doing everything or should I need to talk to someone before I place an order

If you are planning to do everything at your own end, then a discount broker is a person whom you are looking to seek. On the other hand, if you need to talk to anyone before placing any trade then a full time service broker is someone whom you need to consider.

Suppose if you are planning to trade during the day then there is no need to consider a full time service broker. But if you are planning to invest in stocks as a long term strategy and not a short term one then you have to get in touch with a full time broker.

Which are the markets you will be trading?

Make it a point that the broker you choose trades in the market that you are looking to trade

What would be my trading style?

If you have the services of a discount broker, the trading style does not hold any relevance, but in case of a full time broker it does have a say. Make it a point that your trading style aligns with the broker so that you are not frustrated.

Last but not the least have an idea about the money you would need to deposit in a stock broking account. Some brokers may allow you to start off with a minimum amount, but this is not the case with all of them.

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