Best Upcoming Smartphone in 2020

In only a month, the globe will begin with its new revolution. Calendars will get replaced, the time will attain a new identity, and like always, will continue moving ahead. But so will we. The world will also transition into, and start living present day’s futuristic future – A time, we impatiently await.

Out of all the prospective advanced technology that 2020 promises, the smartphone upgrades seem to excite the masses, the most. Everyone anticipates possessing, using, and gossiping about the look and performance of novel, high-tech handheld computational devices. But nobody yet knows what exactly would the best upcoming smartphone of 2020 look like, what features will it possess, or simply, which company will win the medal of defining the future?

Certainly, that cannot be declared until the upcoming devices land in our hands and pass various tests for performance, durability, and whatnot. But until then, should we just let our hunger for cutting-edge technology linger unattended? Perhaps, not. Belonging to the 21st century and possessing a broader horizon of thought, we should rather make use of the available data, statements, and claims of companies to keep our expectations closer to reality.

Along the same lines, here in this article, you’ll find a comprehensive review of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which seems to be the most promising smartphone of 2020. On what basis? Continue reading to find out!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

For years, Samsung has remained the favorite mobile production brand of masses. Certainly, who would not love getting hands-on futuristic smartphones in affordable ranges? While brands like Apple charges a fortune for the same specifications, Samsung offers them at much lesser prices. Continuing with its aims, the brand plans to release the sequel to Galaxy Fold in 2020. Let’s evaluate how far this innovation is successful in facilitating the demands of people.

Body & Design

Currently, Samsung has released a few foldable phone designs that people are utilizing for wild guesses. However, some of these predictions do make sense and may craft the path to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Guess number #1: The phone will have a horizontal hinge.

The original Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a 7.3-inches screen and a vertical hinge. However, rumors report the presence of a 6.7-screen and a horizontal hinge in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Upon folding, the main screen rests inside while the outside displays a secondary screen of merely 1-inch. People have also claimed the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to have a punch-hole selfie camera and a slimmer body than the current Fold model.

Guess number #2: The phone will fold outwards.

Other Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 related predictions suggest that the phone will fold outwards. Hence, the main screen will always remain visible and offer ease of use. As for the secondary screen, it might be inside or not at all.

Guess number #3: Screen replacement.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a transparent plastic polyimide protective layer. Some surveys and reports also recommend that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may have a scratch-resistant ultra-thin glass (UTG). While this may provide resistance against scratches, the replacement may make the phone fragile and a bit more expensive.

Guess number #4: Incorporation of Stylus.

Well, a majority does have proposed the idea of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 featuring a stylus. And, it may prove to be of immense benefit, considering the large screen and ease of use.

Beyond Guess – Built Expectations

Firstly, the new model must comprise a durable body and design, so that the user does not have to go through the fear of damage all the time. Also, despite the efforts, the Samsung Galaxy Fold does have a slight visual disturbance because of the hinge. Over time, one may get used to it, but it can get minimal in the upcoming model. Moreover, the small 4.6-inches secondary screen on the Samsung Galaxy Fold has large bezels surrounding it. Hence, the overall usage experience deteriorates. The Fold 2 may feature a larger secondary screen with thinner bezels.

Lower Price Tag

Perhaps, the prime reason why Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be the best upcoming smartphone of 2020 is the fact that it might come with a relatively lower price tag. Since it is a second-generation phone, it may not be as expensive as the first Samsung Fold model, which was for 299,999 PKR. Considering the average flagship phone or even Samsung mobile price in Pakistan, this was way too much.

A reliable source for the tech community, the ET News suggests that it may cost around 225,000 PKR. Hence, promoting the use of foldable phones and making it affordable for the masses. In addition to that, the lower price tag beats most of the other foldable phones coming in 2020 (especially Apple’s model). Most of the companies are demanding sky-high prices, not considering customer’s convenience. However, with the reduced price, Samsung surely won the support of millions.

Unrivaled Performance

Many believe that a lower price tag means compromises on performance. After all, the company cannot risk its financial stability only to make the phenomenal, exceptional model affordable for all. However, in comparison to most other low-priced foldable and high-tech phones, the Samsung Fold 2 still promises better performance. As per the leaks, the model may offer massive storage of up to 256GB. But still, that’s lesser than Fold’s 512 GB storage. So, it may come with a Micro SD card slot. The battery life from its two batteries of 2135 mAh and 2245 mAh battery, which is lesser than Fold’s but more efficient than most of the other similar priced phones.

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