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Walking forms a part of every individual’s daily activity. We cannot say without mobilizing ourselves from one spot to another. At times, during simple walking or strenuous workout, we might injure our foot. This could be due to an abnormal strain or wrong placing of the foot. The injury could lead to many complications and meeting the best foot doctor for plantar fasciitis in Houston becomes crucial. The foot doctor or podiatrist will ensure a speedy recovery and prevent the injury from worsening. Moreover, any complication, including diseases and infections can be cured by the podiatrist.

What Leads To Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is the swelling of the plantar fascia tissue. It is present in the sole and if injured, it could cause trouble in walking. Several reasons could lead to it:

  • Wearing no shoe or a shoe without a sole could lead to fasciitis.
  • An abnormal strain on the foot due to twisting or wrong placing.
  • Fracture, including hairline.
  • Other reasons could include arthritis, tendonitis, etc.

Many reasons could cause afoot problem. The cause could be an underlying problem and therefore, it is important to consult the best foot doctor for plantar fasciitis in Houston.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis?

One of the easy and commonly adopted treatments is RICE. It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It can be used as a primary treatment for most of the foot problems. It helps in speedy recovery.

Other types of treatments could be grouped into surgical and non-surgical. Surgical treatments are adopted only in rare cases as non-surgical treatments prove helpful. The best foot doctor for plantar fasciitis in Houston will quickly assess the nature of your injury and suggest appropriate non-surgical treatment.

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Wearing a cast or taping the injured area, stretching exercises, wearing foot sleeves, etc. are few of the non-surgical treatments for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. Sometimes, you might be needed to take some medicines such as NSAIDs.

What Is Plantar Wart And How Is It Cured?

Plantar warts are caused by a strain of a virus known as HPV. It enters the skin of your foot through tiny cuts or breaks and infects the skin. Warts usually appear at the weight-bearing areas of the foot. The pressure causes warts to grow inward. A callus with black pinpoints is a plantar wart sign.

Usually, warts disappear overa few weeks. It could cause discomfort while walking. It is ideal to visit a doctor for Plantar Wart Removal in Houston if the lesion starts to bleed. Also, if it persists for longer or is recurring, seeing a podiatrist is a must.

Depending upon how serious it is, the foot doctor may prescribe medicines. They could be tablets or cream for application. Plantar Warts can be prevented by avoiding direct contact with a wart. Also, walking barefoot in public areas should be avoided. Scratching or picking the wart could also contribute to its spreading.

Contact the Best Foot Doctor for All Foot-Related Problems

A foot doctor or a podiatrist deals with all the foot-related problems. Most of them are musculoskeletal and require more rest and less medication. On the other hand, infections are also common. The infections usually heal over a few days; provided the feet are kept clean and appropriate precautions are taken. In serious cases such as that of plantar warts, Plantar Wart Removal in Houston treatment should be sought.

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Walking is an important part of our daily life. Even if we are injured, we cannot stop moving from one place to another. This does not imply that the foot injury should worsen. Consult a podiatrist now to recover from any injury or infection and live an uninterrupted life.

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