Brain Teasers for Kids- Interesting Facts and More

Brain teasers for kids


Brain teasers are something that always drags your attention. It doesn’t matter what age you are. It is one of the best productive time passes that you can ever have. When you get bored or requires a small break , you can give brain teasers time. Indeed, it will help you in the active functioning of your brain. Her let us look at  brain teasers for kids that makes the brain more invigorate. ‘People buys to eat me, but never eats me. What am I?’ Can you guess the answer? Correct, its plate. These types of teasers are funny and interesting.

Now let us look at what Brain Teasers means. It is a type of game or puzzle to get resolve by thinking and finding the solution. Sometimes more than one solution can also be there. So we have to believe in many ways to find the answer. Also, A brain teaser can get define as a problem that needs a solution with great ingenuity. Some of the brain teasers include riddles, visual puzzles, logic puzzles, etc.


Let’s see a short history of brain teasers. One of the earliest Greek Mathematicians, Archimedes, is considered the person who introduced Brain Teasers. Furthermore, He made mathematical problems so that his contemporaries can solve it later. Indeed, It is the beginning of brain teasers.

Types of Brain Teasers for Kids

Different types of brain teasers are there, especially for kids, such as riddles, puzzles, quizzes, etc. Of this logic, puzzles and mysteries are special ones. Some of the visual brain teasers for kids are:


Spot the difference


Word Association games

 Thinking problems

 Pattern problems 

Brain teasers and mathematics

The most challenging subject for kids is mathematics. Brain teasers closely get related to mathematics, such as Sudoku. Number patterns help students to think and solve the problem as fast as possible. However, They get interested as they find the solutions quickly. Moreover, Kids easily get attached to numbers and mathematical operations too. Brain teasers will sharpen their minds and increases their interest in mathematics

Benefits of Brain Teasers 

Let us look at some of the benefits of brain teasers;

1 ) Keeps the mind sharp

  Brain teasers like riddles, puzzles, quizzes are effective ways to keep your mind sharp.

2 ) Brain activity boosters

   Brain teasers like number puzzles, word puzzles help to boost our brain activity.

3)  Improves memory power

Our ability to remember gets connected with the frontal and temporal lobes that are behind our forehead. So regular workout with brain teasers helps to improve our memory power.

4) Increases brain processing speed

  As we regularly do brain teasers, it challenges our brain to find out different ways to solve it. And because of that, our brain learns how to act quickly, which increases brain processing speed.

5) Improve concentration

 Working out with brain teasers helps improve concentration, cognitive skills and paves the way to learn quickly. Also, Challenging brain teasers are needed to boost up your mind and brain rather than usual ones.

6) Prevents from Dementia 

Until now, no studies or researchers have shown that dementia can get reduced through brain teasers. But by exercising the brain reduces the risk of having dementia. That is, brain teasers slow down the onset of such diseases. Computer brain games gets exclude. However, It has not proven that they reduce the risk of dementia.

7) Changes boredom mood

Children will get boredom if they get forced to study for a long time. A brain teaser is the best way to move out of this boredom. Break-in between study time utilized by playing riddles, puzzles, number games, etc. Also, it  will reduce stress and boredom. It changes into a funny and happy mood.


We live in a world where learning is a way to score high marks and get higher jobs rather than gaining true knowledge. Such parents’ attitudes make children be a book worm. As a result academics becomes gets burden for them. One of the best ways to have a healthy education atmosphere and a healthy mind for kids is to give them workout time with brain teasers. Furthermore, It helps to remove stress and strain among them. Also, it enhances to have a healthy competitive spirit of mind. Giving exercise to the mind and brain with brain teasers is essential for kids to improve their intelligence and move out of boredom. Hence brain teasers are the best ways for kids to have a healthy brain and refreshing mind.


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