Ever tried to freeze potatoes? tricks of freezing potatoes!

can you freeze potatoes

Who doesn’t love potatoes? Almost every dish consists of potatoes. Moreover, you can eat your potatoes in every form, and they will taste delicious in every way. For example, you can eat them boiled, cooked, fried, baked, stuffed, mashed, shredded, etc. However, can you freeze the potatoes? Suppose you have leftovers from last night, and you do not wish to toss them. 

Furthermore, we will talk about potatoes in this article. Also, we will get to know the methods of freezing potatoes.

Can you freeze potatoes?

can you freeze potatoes

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Are you making your grandma’s potato recipes this Christmas? However, I do not know if they last for holidays? Well, there is a piece of good news for you! Modern technology makes it easier for potato preservation. Yes, you can freeze potatoes in your refrigerator for a more extended period. Now, make your favorite potato recipes and serve them till the holiday. However, please keep an eye on the state of potatoes.

Furthermore, please make sure that you are not freezing raw potatoes. It is impossible to freeze raw potatoes as they contain a high percentage of water. Also, if you try to freeze them, they will retain all the water. As a result, the potatoes will turn soft, loose, and pulpy. Instead, freeze them whole or half-cooked. I hope you answer now if someone asks you if they can freeze potatoes. 

How long can you freeze potatoes?

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Can you freeze potatoes? Yes! How long can we keep them preserved? This section has everything to offer regarding potatoes preservation.

One of the prime things about Potatoes is adjusting themselves in every dish. Moreover, they do not even taste bad. I have never seen a person who doesn’t eat potatoes! People bake, mash, and cook potatoes all the time. During Holidays, potatoes are the center of all the dishes. You can explore hundreds of potato recipes. This is when people need to freeze the potatoes. 

Furthermore, it might come as a surprise to you; but preservation can keep potatoes fresh and juicy for months. If you preserve the boiled potatoes with their skin on, they will not lose their texture for months. Moreover, it will taste much better once you take it out. 

Also, please remove the skin, dice the potatoes, and keep them in the refrigerator. This way, you can keep the freshness alive for months.

Now, you have the answer to “Can you freeze potatoes.” However, do you know the ways of freezing potatoes? 

How to keep potatoes fresh for a more extended period? Check out the preservation techniques here!

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Big hotels and restaurants have tons of potatoes. As they add potatoes to almost every dish, there is a desperate need to preserve them. Also, they need to take care of the quality too. They need to keep the potatoes fresh so that their customers will get the authentic taste they dare expect. Ever wonder, How do they preserve the potatoes and keep the quality check too? 

Let us find out the techniques of preserving potatoes while keeping the taste and quality alive:

Blanch your potatoes to freeze them.

Blanching is one of the most effective preserving potatoes for a more extended period. Blanching includes adding the potatoes to hot water for a shorter period. Afterward, remove the potatoes from boiling water and put them under the running tap water or cold water at once. The primary purpose of potato blanching is to keep the quality of the potatoes intact; so that the customer will find their first bite juicy and full of flavor. Moreover, blanching the potatoes and freezing them will keep the potatoes fresh for months. Blanching blocks the enzymes’ attack on the vegetable and keeps its quality safe.

Potato Dices have a longer life span!

One of the finest and most effective techniques for preservation is chopping vegetables. Mincing the vegetables will reduce the surface area, and each piece will have exposure. Similarly, when you dice the potatoes, they will get exposed to the environment. As a result, they will respond well to the blanching. Each piece will get blanched properly. Please make sure to dice one-inch cubes. When you toss these cubes in saltwater to blanch, each piece will get the chance to restore its quality. Once the potato cubes are not hot, place them on a plate. Now, put them into the freezer along with the plate. This way, each piece will get adequately frozen.  

Finally, seal these potato dice in a bag tightly and put them back in the fridge. Please make sure that the potatoes will not contact moisture under any circumstances.

Make Hash browns in no time!

The potato freezing process makes it easy to make hash browns in a blink of an eye. It was annoying back then when it would take forever for our mothers to prepare Hash Browns. Thus, we could only eat them during birthdays, thanksgiving, and other special occasion. However, making hash brown was never that easy. Thanks to the freezing techniques, you can prepare hash brown anytime you want. 

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Furthermore, we have two ways of freezing hash browns.

First is the blanching technique. In this, you need to grate the potatoes in a thin film. Wash these potato strips using cold water and then blanch them. To blanch them, you need to put these thin potato strips in boiling water. Then, remove it after a brief period and let it cool. Afterward, you will need a metal tray. Now, sprinkle some nonstick cooking oil on the tray and place the thin strips on it. Mold them in the form of patties and freeze them. Make sure that the patties are not touching each other. Once the patties are done freezing, transfer them to a sealed bag. This way, you can keep the patty’s taste and flavor intact.

The second is the frying method. Wash the potatoes and give them the patties shape. Now, fry each strip until it turns light brown. Leave them at room temperature to cool. Finally, please put them in an airtight bag to enjoy your favorite hash browns anywhere and anytime.

Can you freeze mashed potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are the life of every occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, we all want mashed potatoes! The blasting news is that you can freeze the mashed potatoes and enjoy each bite like it was cooked today. How? Let us discuss that here!

For those who do not know this, mashed potatoes are easy to freeze. All you need is to wash the potatoes and boil them. After boiling, peel them and mash them. Use a spoon for mashing it. Moreover, please make sure that there are no lumps left. Now, let them cool for some time at room temperature. In the end, please keep them in an airtight bag and let them freeze. 

Mashed potatoes are one of the delicious evening snacks. You can freeze them and microwave them when needed. Try eating them with cream cheese and sour cream! You would love the taste!

can you freeze potatoes

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Can we freeze potatoes and turn them into French fries?

First of all, the question is fascinating. Whether or not we can make french fries or frozen potatoes? Of course, you can freeze potatoes and make french fries out of them. Also, the benefit of using frozen potatoes is that they make the fries fluffy from the inside with a crunchy coating. 

At first, I need to give the raw potatoes the shape of french fries. Afterward, blanch them for a short time and then give them a nice ice bath. Put all the fires on a baking tray. Now, sprinkle some vegetable oil on the fries and spread them uniformly. Let the potatoes freeze for 5-6 hours before packing them in airtight bags.

Can you freeze the raw potatoes?

Potatoes are popular food because of their versatile nature. Also, they can increase the taste and quality of any dish with no effort. The fundamental and friendly nature of potatoes makes them most demanding and helpful. The restaurant serves hundreds of potatoes dishes each day with no deficiency of potatoes. Also, you did not even hear people saying they do not have potatoes back home. Everyone likes them and has them.

Moreover, If you try and preserve Raw potatoes, they will turn black and mushy. Therefore, We keep on insisting on not freezing the raw potatoes. Also, excessive cooling and low temperatures are not ideal for raw photos. They will turn black if left in the fridge for days. Also, they will lose all the water, and the smell is disgusting. 

Therefore, please make sure the potatoes you or your family member have preserved for days are not raw. You are lucky if the odds are in your favor!


In the end, I hope you got all the tricks to freeze the raw potatoes in this article. This way, you can enjoy your favorite potato dishes anytime. Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!

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