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A new look for Shiley flexible tracheostomy tubes

Shiley flexible tubes come with a special taper guard taper-shaped cuff that can better seal air and fluid at the same cuff pressure. With or without the disposable inner cannula, breathing is possible because of the tube’s design, which also effectively increases the tube’s inner diameter, which has been proved in clinical tests to lower airway resistance. Shiley flexible tubes come in a wider range of product sizes to enable clinicians to find the best and most comfortable fit for the patient’s anatomy. They are made of a softer material, are manufactured with a plasticizer based on citrate, have a bevelled tip for simple percutaneous insertion, and are available in a wider range of product materials.

Shiley reusable inner cannula and flexible tracheostomy tubes are made with ease in mind. Clinicians may now immediately identify the correct Shiley reusable inner cannula for a given tube thanks to the tubes’ new size-based colour coding.

Shiley reusable inner cannula usage:

Shiley reusable inner cannula is a tube that inserts into the tracheostomy tube and serves as a liner for those who need to manage secretion. The advantage of using a Shiley reusable inner cannula is that if the tracheostomy tube develops a mucous plug, it may not be necessary to replace the tracheostomy tube. This is because the Shiley reusable inner cannula reduces the diameter of the tracheostomy tube lumen, which increases resistance and the work of breathing.

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A continuum exists in the SHILEY FLEXIBLE TRACHEOSTOMY TUBE. The redesigned design of the clear flange enables for an improved view of the stomach site and underlying skin. The recess on the backside of the flange and the extra air rents also allows for less skin contact and greater airflow around the stoma site.

With a taper-shaped cuff that lowers intercut pressure to produce a more efficient air and fluid seal, Shiley flexible tracheostomy offers greater safety. The cuff is also thinner and less bulky, requiring less force to insert.

Patients may notice a large improvement in airflow around the outer cannula when the cuff is deflated, which might lessen the amount of breathing effort needed to talk and wean. If bedside insertion is preferable over a surgical procedure, Shiley flexible tracheostomy lines come equipped with a tapered percutaneous tip. A Shiley reusable inner cannula should always be used when using a dual cannula tracheostomy tube as a safety precaution. The Shiley flexible flange has a built-in 15-millimetre hub connector. This feature increases options for ventilating the patient without requiring an inner cannula to be in place.

Instead of removing and replacing the entire device in the case of blockage, you may just remove the Shiley reusable inner cannula and clear the obstruction; the cannula effortlessly snaps into the integrated connection.

Because clinicians, nurses, and the community prefer Joya Medical Supplies, the business has a heritage based on quality, performance, and innovation.

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