Causes And Way Out From Blocked Drains?

blocked drains

Well, not many might be aware, but sometimes blocked drains can turn into a nightmare. You would not want the bathroom or kitchen sink overflowing because of blocked drains. While there are some simple ways which you adopt in your daily life and avoid this problem, but before going ahead, but claims important that you must know what the main causes that lead to blockage in the drains and what can be the preventive measures are.

A Common Cause Of That Can Cause Blockage Of Drains:

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Hair And Dust

One of the most common reasons for blocked drains is hair strands. While it may look absurd that how such tiny piece can create a havoc in the drainage system, but the fact of the matter is that, when the hair strands start collecting in the drainpipe, then over a period of time, they accumulate along with other particles resulting in blocked drains. These tiny strands might slip away into the drain unknowingly, and block your drains.

Tissue Paper And Soap

Another common cause of blocked drains is collections of toilet tissue papers in the drain pipes. Excessive foams flowing with water if not drained properly from scum in the sewer lines and hardens to block the drains in the waste pipelines.

Growing Roots Of Plants And Trees

There is a greater possibility that the roots of plants and trees might penetrate deep into the ground if the pipelines are cracked, which may eventually break the drain pipes and stat growing within it. It will create a barrier in the drainpipe, thus resulting in blocked drains.

Old And Worn-Out Pipes

Another reason for blocked drains could be that pipeline has become old and worn out. It may lead to a breakage of pipe, thus allowing other materials to enter into the pipe leading to blockage.

Hence regular upkeep and maintenance of drainage pipe are important. For this, you can follow simple measures, or else you can hire professional plumbers. They will come to your place and will inspect the pipe and will find if there are any issues wherein there would be a requirement for pipe repair or replacement.

Ways To Prevent Blocked Drains:

Start with a simple cleaning process: You can follow a simple cleaning process wherein pouring hot water, or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar into the sink pipe will result in the cleaning of pipe. This is something that you can follow every day.

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Another way to prevent blocked drains is by disposing food waste into the waste bin before keeping the plates into the sink. Usually, the oil and food particles that flow down the drain can result in blockage of drains. So, if you don’t want to face the hassle of blocked drains, then it’s advisable that you must discard the food waste into the waste bin and avoid disposing any food waste or oil into the sink.

Protecting your restroom/bathroom/toilet drains

Another common source of blocked drains in the bathroom and toilet. You must abstain from disposing of anything that can lead to blockage of drains; it includes sanitary pas, tissues, tampons, wipes, plastic wrappers, etc. Moreover, if you have kids, then you must keep a check on them so that they don’t put in their toys into the toilet. Never allow plastic papers to drain through the pipelines it is sure to block the pipeline.


Now you know about what are the common cause of blocked drains, and if you face any such issue despite flowing regular cleaning procedures, it becomes important that you must connect with a  professional plumber to avoid the aggravation of the issue.

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