Chain link fence is wire netting made from steel wires. These wires are weaved in zigzag and usually form diamond-like patterns. These fences are usually famous because of their safety at the low cost of installation. To install these wires, there is a need for steel or concrete corners which will prevent the leaning of the wires. The wires are stretched to the corners from one end to another and removes the excess wires.

These are very famous fencing in Indian and US markets. Many property owners install these fences around their land as these are easy to install and are very reliable. Chain link fences are available in three varieties, these are as follows:

  • PVC Coating Chain link fence
  • GI chain link fence
  • Fusion bonded PVC Chain link fence

GI chain link fence is more preferred than PVC chain link fence, as it is more successful in the areas where there are more harsh weather conditions. Fusion Bonded PVC chain link fence is very expensive which is not the cup of tea for everyone. The prices of the wires fence depend upon the hole in the fence. And these are manufactures from the height from 3 meters to 12 meters.

There are various advantages of Chain Link Fence:

  • These fences are very affordable apart from other types of fencing.
  • They are very easy and quick to install a fence. Even the homeowners can install the wire fence on their own.
  • Chain link fence is available in different varieties like there is a variety of colors, size, type of metal. Even these are available on the customized orders.
  • These fences require very less maintenance. As these fences are really very hard and resistant. Basically the steel galvanized wires are more durable and are rust-free.
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Wherever there are advantages of things, on the other hands there are disadvantages also. These are as follows:

  • These chain fences have security issues in them. These can only be used in residential areas, not the industrial areas. As anyone can easily climb it which means it is not very tall.
  • It doesn’t protect from small animals. Many small animals like rats, squirrels come inside the premises where ever they are fenced.

With the advancement in technology, these wires are given a new technique where electricity is installed in it. This is a high-end solution for the wiring system which doesn’t let anyone cross the fence. If a person or animals touch the fence, they receive an electric shock.

Chain link fences are versatile as because you can use Chain link fences around your house or office for several purposes. We can use chain link fencing for the security purpose of home or office. They can also be used as partition in your garden, balconies, halls, etc. You can also fix them on your windows so that you keep the intruders and the strays away. Creatively, wall decor can also be done by chain fences. You can also hang mini flower pots into chain link fences.

There are many chain link fence manufacturers in India. There is great amount of competition among the manufacturers here. New techniques and innovations are done to make these fences wires more reliable and strong. These manufactures provides these fences wires at various prices. They are exporting the wire fences to other countries, as India is rich in iron and steel mines. So there is easy availability of raw material to manufacture these fencing wires. These fence wires are required to mark the boundary on your land. It helps to keep yourself safe from animals. These fencing wires are equally important in both residential and industrial areas.

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