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Christian Chandler


Christian Weston Chandler, have you heard this name before? Yes, I doubt! For the people active on the internet, Christian Chandler is a sensational figure. Can a social media platform or internet make a person so popular? Indeed, yes, it can make a person shocking and famous. Christian Weston Chandler is an example of it. Who exactly is Chris Chandler, how he emerged as an internet figure? Also, What are his works? These are the few questions that commonly get asked in the context of Christian Chandler. Let us dig more into the life of Christian Weston Chandler.

Early Life

We cannot tag him on a single identity for his popularity. However, let’s say Christian Weston Chandler is an American YouTuber born on February 24, 1982, in America. The parents of Chris brought him up well. But in the later phase, he began to behave a bit odd. And at the last stage of his childhood, his parents discovered that he has functional autism.

However, many details of his early life do not look at it. Christian had completed his 12th-grade education. Furthermore, he was not involved in academics. A situation took place that considers as a life-changing incident in Christian’s life. As a part of his academics, Chandler’s teacher insisted him to do project work. Indeed, his teacher strictly insisted on him to do creative work as a project. As part of his project work, he created content, but that was not much creative. However, on the second time, he came up with a new idea of “Sonichu.” The sonic concept was the combination of two popular anime franchise Pokemon and Sonic. It is a mix between Pikachu and hedgehog. This creation changed the life dimension of Christian and helped him to gain popularity.


It was in the year 2000 that he developed his new comic concept of Sonichu. Let’s look more about Sonichu and the impact it made on Christian chandler’s life. The sonichu comic was attractive, especially for the kids. Also, the popularity of Christian began from this point. He is known for developing of new comics. Moreover, he was very active and involved in the making and development of the Sonic comic series.

Source: www.youtube.com

The Sonichu concept of Christian was very active till many years. Meanwhile, he also created a YouTube channel and started making videos. However, the label tagged him as a comic developer does’t remained much longer. It shifted in the year 2007 when Christian entered a video game contest. On the other hand, the video game contest of 2007 and more other incidents took Christian chan’s life into more sensational and complicated.

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Incident of  2007

In the year 2007, as a part of a video game contest, he created many videos. The video game contest ended, but the responses for his videos doest ended so quickly. In fact, what was the content of Christian chan’s video?
The behavior of Christian was not normal, and it seemed insane many times. As it reflected in his videos too, and the responses for the videos were not in his favor. They make trolls many times, memes and trolls made continuously out of his video.

Homosexuality Issue

Christian chan received frequent trolls for his videos. But at one pint, sexuality trolls were circulating regarding Christian. The trolls that link Christian and label him as homosexuality often get circulate. In contrast, he strongly reacted to this type of troll. He expressed his anger for such homosexuality trolls, which created a bad boy image on Christian Chandler.

The Internet Bad Boy

Christian Weston Chandler is the popular bad boy of the internet. The videos that he created became controversial and sensational. There was one particular incident that established a strong bad boy image on Christian
The pictures drawn by Christian exhibited adult content. Also, he titled the image in association with his close female friend. This act of Christian seemed weird and insane, which resulted in him the title of internet bad boy. Moreover, this internet bad boy image affected him in real life too. Also, the ban remains from the local church by the priest. Also, he gets restricted from a club.

Blanca Trolls

In the year 2008, many trolls came out for Christian Chandler for his videos. The Blanca often makes the leading and popular trolls. It’s not an organization or group. Indeed it was a trend of that period. It is a label of many catfish trolls that happened in the year 2008.
The impact of the troll on Christian was so extreme. He often gets prank many times by these trolls. Moreover, many people mocked Christian and made videos. That again provoked Christian, and he expressed his healthy anger against the misuse of his identity.

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A Break from the Internet

After facing many trolls and controversies, Christian Chandler took a voluntary break from the Internet platform. For many years he was not active on YouTube and social media. During this phase of his suspension, his dad died, and his house gets destroyed in a fire. Besides, In a house fire, many works of Christian got destroys. However, he kept a shallow social profile for many years.

Pepper Spray Incident

In December 2014, Christian Weston Chandler was back again, but this time not with a video but with a pepper spray. After a break from social media, Christian appeared in public and directly entered into a comic company and sprayed pepper on the company’s employees. According to him, it was a sign of protest against the mismatched color of a cartoon character published by the comic. This pepper spray was an insane act, and that exhibited the mental stability of Christian Chandler.


Does Christian Weston Chandler popular? Yes, indeed, he is famous but on more for his malicious acts. The publicity and popularity of Christian were more pessimistic. Moreover, his popularity was more among internet users.

It is exciting to see that many articles and pictures often get uploaded on the internet about him. However, he is famous as a YouTuber, comic creator, troll maker, and so on.


In simple words, we can say Christian Weston chandler is a popular internet figure. He is famous for his comic works and YouTube videos. Unlike the other internet stars, he is different and has autism. The insane acts that he does point out his mental health.

However, there are many things that we can learn from Christian. The core dedication that he exhibits in his comic creation is fabulous. In recent times, there is no much update about Christian Chandler. But, undoubtedly, he is one of the famous internet stars of all time.


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