Clocks Are The Essential But How To Use Them As A Decor For Your Home

For most of us, clocks are meant to be placed for a specific duty: to show the correct time. However, some of us would also strive to select the clock individually to position it in particular areas that can bring about prosperity in the house. Such aspects can have various names starting from Vastu Shastra to Feng Shui.

When one browses online in Australia, wall clocks come in a variety, prices, and style at an affordable rate, you might be interested in knowing about the interesting facts about the placement of the antiques in the house and the result we can get from doing so. This article is meant to enlighten us in this area and provide us with the ultimate information about where to put the newly purchased Antique clock in the house that can give us spiritual and material benefits.

Don’t do this at home

Professionals say that any wall clock shouldn’t be placed on the south side of the wall at home. Also, the walls above the door should be neglected. That’s why we should always find somewhere away from such aspects to place the contemporary wall clock at home.

Also, the wall shouldn’t face the door of the bedroom. We also might have to think more before placing the wall clock on the outside walls of the house. We could see if the contemporary clock is behind it’s a regular and valid time. We might also have to focus on the clock every day for this.

On the other hand, the clock should not have broken glass or any damaged parts. It brings about a negative environment in the house and makes us feel more lonely than necessary. If there’s a clock in the bedroom, we should ensure that the watch is free from any bed reflection on the glass. We can arrange the place of the contemporary glass, such as to ignore any of the above things strictly if we need a prosperous and happy home.

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What should we do with the wall clock?

Cleaning the wall clock is one of the most critical steps that can allow us to feel secure at home. We should also make sure that the wall clock is either at the right time or ahead of it by 1 or 2 minutes. If the clock stops working, we should either find someone to repair, or we can replace it altogether.

Hanging the clock on the walls inside the house is an effective way to boost positivity in the house. We can keep the wall clock on the north wall since everyone seems to sleep, keeping their heads on the south. That means we should be able to see the clock directly on the wall after waking up from sleep. If we have purchased an antique pendulum clock, we should remember to keep it on the Eastern side of the house. That ensures our and the family’s Goodwill in many ways.

We can also go for having clocks in the west side either; of course, experts say to consider it a last option. If we want to attract wealth, we can place the wall clock on the north wall of the room or house. Ultimately, we should remember to always put the clocks on either the east or north side of the walls.


If we happen to get a unique set of chiming wall clocks in Australia at affordable rates, we should remember the regulations about the placement of them in the rooms of the house. Of course, following such notions is definitely upon us. We might end up facing the sunrise of wealth and prosperity fast enough at home. Purchasing a high-quality clock comes first in the list of to-do things at such a time.

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