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The Republic of Maldives, more often known as the Maldive Islands, is a sovereign island nation located in the middle of the Indian Ocean’s northernmost region. It is made up of a chain of over 1,200 tiny coral islands and sandbanks that are organized in clusters, sometimes known as atolls. Of these, approximately 200 are inhabited. The Maldives are often referred to as “the tropical paradise” for various reasons, including its stunning natural scenery. This tropical nation is made up of a collection of islands, each of which has its own lagoon and is isolated from the others. Every island has pristine stretches of white sand beach.

Aren’t the Maldives a wonderful place to visit? If you want to explore and find more incredible sites in the Maldives, you must first be aware of the people and their culture. This is done to show respect to the natives who live there. Well, if you want to do that, read on. This post will, without a doubt, assist you in better comprehending the norms and practices of the Maldives.

What are the customs in the Maldives?

The culture and traditions of the Maldives are influenced by people from a diverse range of places, including the Arab world, India, Africa, and many more. The traditional dance of the Maldives, known as Boduberu, has a lot in common with the dances of Africa. There is no question that the rhythms and styles of dance are quite similar. There is a significant amount more! 

The Maldives unquestionably adhere to an Indian manner of dining. Curry and roti are two of the most common foods in Indian cuisine. The ethnic groups that make up the Maldives include South Indians, Sinhalese, and Arabs. Aside from this, every aspect of Maldivian culture is inextricably linked to the ocean. One would even go so far as to say that the Maldivian people would not exist if it were not for the water. Even in ancient times, the inhabitants of the islands that make up the Maldives went out fishing while the women waited in anticipation to prepare the catch. Maldivian culture unquestionably contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the Maldives.

What is the lifestyle of Maldives?

The people who live in Male, the capital city of the Maldives, have a lifestyle that is quite different from those who live on the islands. Nevertheless, even these traits are shown by the Maldivians who reside there. The only reason people get out of bed in Male’ is to go to work or school, where they spend nearly half of their waking hours. They are keeping themselves so busy by working to make money, doing errands, and engaging in other activities. If you visit this bustling capital city, you will undoubtedly be able to see this. 

After devoting their time to working or studying, people eventually have time for themselves or to spend with their loved ones and friends. Also, because of the amazing beaches and tourist spots, there are many luxury private resort in Maldives that offer Maldives vacation packages for couple  that will help you and your partner to celebrate your unconditional love with each other. People who make their home in Male’, Maldives, often lead lifestyles like this. Even though their lives are always so busy, they are content with the way they have chosen to spend their time. 

People who live on the islands of the Maldives have a lifestyle that is quite simple but really remarkable. They are always in awe of the stunning natural scenery that surrounds them. The men and women of the islands get up and begin their days at the same time that the clucking of the hens signals the beginning of the day for the chickens. 

After getting their children ready for school and themselves ready for work, the wives begin their day by cleaning the backyards of their homes and cooking breakfast for their husbands before sending them off to work. After that, parents on the islands of the Maldives would wake their children up and send them off to school. After that, they get together with their buddies and begin working with coconuts, making things like fangi vinun. 

This is the primary means through which the majority of Maldivian women make their living. Following the time spent chatting, they prepare lunch for their family and then get ready to go for nighttime walks. The majority of these islands, in contrast to Male, do not allow motorized transportation; thus, parents need not worry about their children playing outside alone. After they have resolved all of their worries, the lovely day comes to a close. On the stunning islands that make up the Maldives, you can unquestionably experience traditional Maldivian culture, while Male, the country’s capital, offers a more contemporary way of life.

What kind of food is eaten in Maldives?

Following closely behind the tourist sector as the primary driver of the economy in the Maldives is the fishing industry. You may look forward to eating plenty of fresh tuna, snapper, and lobster in addition to a wide variety of cuisines from across the world that are available at your resort. 

Breakfast, lunch, and supper may be chosen from a diverse menu at many best luxury all inclusive resorts Maldives. This allows guests to leave their wallets at home while they sample a variety of cuisines. Curry, soup, and other meals served with rice are common staples in traditional Maldivian cuisine, which is known for its fiery flavors and heavy use of chili peppers. In addition, locally produced and very delectable options include coconuts, yams, mangoes, and pineapples.

What is the traditional clothing in Maldives?

The traditional clothing of the Maldives is not very complicated. Men often wear sarongs, which are long pieces of fabric that are wrapped around the waist, along with a long-sleeved shirt that is always white.

Cotton is the most popular choice of cloth on the island because of the tropical climate. The libaas is the name of the traditional clothing worn by ladies. The garment, which is reminiscent of a dress, is frequently worn on formal occasions, during celebrations, and when participating in dance performances. They are often embellished with golden or silver-colored threads, and the hand-stitched ones are considered to be the nicest. In addition to the fact that they look lovely, the costumes make for quite good mementos.


Every culture has a significant place for music in its history and traditions. The Maldives, although being a tiny nation that is located in a remote area, also possesses lively music that is a part of its cultural heritage. “Boduberu” music is the most well-known and widely played kind of traditional Maldivian music. It is also one of the most well-loved. It is hypothesized that the African areas were the entry point for boduberu into the Maldivian civilization in the eleventh century. 

Boduberu is a dance song that begins with a slow pace and, in due time, progresses to a hyperactive, frenzied, and turbulent beat. The song also begins with a slow beat and ends with a slow tempo. Large ensembles comprising 15 to 20 persons, including drummers and vocalists, are required to execute it. Participants in this spirited folk music come from many walks of life and are not limited by age restrictions. 

On the other hand, males are the ones who often carry it out. Many private beach resorts in Maldives now feature Boduberu as part of their traditional showcases because many vacationers are looking for genuine experiences during their time away from home. Consequently, hotel guests do not need to go too far to see a genuine Boduberu performance.

Where you can listen and dance on Bodu Beru in your stay in Maldives?

There is a little piece of paradise where visitors are encouraged to embrace the Maldives’ origins via music and dance. This is in contrast to the majority of the traditional history of the Maldives, which is neglected in favor of stunning beaches and heaven-sent spa treatments. 

If you ever want to bring your spouse to luxury resorts in the Maldives, you should look for convenient yet amazing accommodations that offer honeymoon packages Maldives. This will help you find an excellent place to settle for you and your partner to witness the wonderful tradition of the musical performances in the Maldives, often included in your purchase of the Maldives vacation packages for couple. 

A new weekly boduberu drumming and dancing class has been added to the activities schedule at Vilu Reef Beach & Spa Resort. This session aims to inspire the creative spirit of visitors, regardless of their skill. The boduberu class is a delightful opportunity for visitors to connect with the wonder of their tropical location and one another. The free lesson takes place in the evening, inside the thatched, rustic setting of Vilu Reef’s Nautilus Bar, and is open to both men and women.

From the majestic beaches, magnificent luxury resort, down to the beautiful people and culture of the Maldives, isn’t it the best place to enjoy a worthwhile vacation? Well, if you want to know more about the Maldives and its tourism, visit for more information.

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