Davit Crane Types And Their Importance

Davit Crane

Davit cranes are designed individually or in pairs, they can lift and lower loads safely. A Davit crane comprises an angled beam that pivots over a vertical axis. 

  • The beams can be fixed or adjustable. These cranes can be purchased and installed as a permanent or portable solution depending on the application. 
  • Davit cranes can be purchased as manual hand operated devices or a free power winch can be added to create a power-operated material handling solution. 
  • Davit cranes are especially useful in handling submerged pumps where disconnecting and reconnecting the cable is difficult or impossible without taking the pump out of service.

Which are the basic raw materials that are used to make Davit cranes? 

Davit Crane

Davits are appreciated due to its various useful characteristics. Davits are constructed using steel and carbon fiber that provide them extra strength, lightness, and durability.  

  • Davits are used in a wide range of industrial sectors such as marine, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining and even, more. 
  • Davits are usually used for motorboats and sailing as they solve practical problems related to the operation and maintenance of vessels as the lateral and vertical weightlifting and also the boat themselves. 
  • Along with lifting weights, these cranes can also be installed on the decks of ships to drop in sea rescue vehicles such as lifeboats.

Davit cranes are also suitable for small boats like sailboats and dinghies:

There are small davit cranes suitable for small boats such as dinghies and sailboats or large in scale crane used on ships for the transport of smaller vessels. The hot-dip galvanizing protects the crane for years against the attack of rust. There are four types of cranes for boats and ships:

  • Gravity roller track davit or GRA.
  • Single pivot gravity davit or GSP.
  • Freefall davit or FFD.
  • Quadrantal davit or QD.

Each davit has distinct sizes and also multiple utility: 

Each davit crane has distinct sizes and uses. Boat davits are normally made of stainless steel or carbon, to provide maximum strength and durability. They have two arms, one of which has the function of pin, installed on the deck, while the other is free and allows movements and oscillations also 360°. The cables used for lifting weight are stainless steel to ensure maximum strength, durability, and safety. Davit cranes can be installed on the ground or deck. 

To execute certain chores such as lifting loads on your boat and vice versa without any effort, the boat davit, dinghy davit or yacht davit are the best solutions in terms of ease of use and installation.

Portable Davit cranes

Davit Crane

Potable davit cranes can be disassembled and can be moved to any other location where there is a  need to lift and position virtually anything weighing up to 2000 lbs. The portable davit cranes are an excellent affordable alternative to other methods or products.

Stationary Davit cranes

Stationary davit cranes are the most popular cranes across the world. They are used on tugboats globally since they can provide extended reach, extended height, and smooth 360-degree rotation while loading supplies and equipment These cranes are available in power winch or manual operation. Stationary davit cranes are designed for permanent installation and smooth rotation. They require a concrete floor for installation as they provide extended reach and height.

Some Davit Cranes are designed for a simple and small-scale free operation.  Some davit cranes are designed to be used in the wastewater industry, on dams and in areas where floor space and access are limited. Davit cranes can be your solution for virtually any material handling application. Built with extreme durability, davits are manufactured with hard daily use in mind.

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