Designing Your Own Terrace Garden – Useful Tips to Remember

Terrace Garden

In these days where our cities are running towards urbanization in terms of construction of builder floors and high rise buildings, we are losing our green areas day by day and so the chances of getting fresh and pure air to breathe, creating a terrace garden can give us the chance to breathe some fresh air and the plants can help to filter the surrounded air as well. Having our own little green area is much needed and required for the relaxation of our mind and body.

Below are some key points to keep in mind if you’re planning to design your own terrace garden;

The layout of the Garden

A terrace garden is more than just grass flooring, plants, and a few cute planters. The layout of your terrace garden is a very essential part because it allows you to utilize each and every corner of your terrace. You can’t just wake up one morning and start placing things on your terrace and get amazing results, it takes planning and a proper layout of what is needed where and how you going to plan each and every aspect of your terrace garden.

You need to keep in mind where do you want to create your seating, if you want a water fountain in your garden or you want to create a dedicated area where you can meditate. Make a proper list of your requirements and draw a rough layout of your terrace and place all the important things into that layout. Analyze your layout and see where you think you can improve.

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You can always run to Pinterest and find references that you like and create a mood board of how you want your terrace garden to look like.

Don’t Forget the Floors

Floors can play a very important role in making or breaking space and the same applies to your terrace garden space. You can choose between a lot of options but the most common option these days are artificial grass, they are weatherproof and last for a very long time and you don’t need to do any remodeling for installing them.  You just need to take the measurements of your space and hire a professional or you can do it by yourself, just search for tutorials online.

Use Vertical Space

If you have bare walls and you can’t decide what to do with those walls then don’t think much and install a vertical garden, it can be a focal point of your garden and trust me it will add more beauty to your space. You can choose between a real or artificial vertical garden, artificial vertical garden is easy to maintain and waterproof too but if you want more natural plants and don’t mind working a little extra then you can install a real vertical garden, there are lots of options on amazon for vertical garden planters and they are very easy to install.

Also, if you don’t have a very pleasant view from your terrace then you can always use vertical gardens to cover up that space and treat your eyes full of green scenery.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays a very important role when it comes to an area where you just want to feel relaxed and can utilize the space whenever or however you need it.  The carefully planned lighting system is all you required to compliment the beauty of your terrace garden in the evening and night.  Outdoor lighting can become very handy when you want to organize a party and wants to set and ambiance or mood in your terrace garden.

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Proper Seating Arrangements

Bring some comfort to your garden by creating a cozy seating area. Just imagine having your morning or evening coffee in your own private garden and the fresh feeling which comes when you’re surrounded by greenery sounds so heavenly already.   Outdoor sofas or hanging chairs could be a very stable and suitable option.

Accessorize the Space 

You can always accessories your terrace garden with outdoor accessories such as garden statues, stone art, wall planters, mirrors, colorful pillows, and etc. Accessories will play a very important role in putting together the whole space. If you don’t have a very large terrace to start with then you can use mirrors to fake an airy space. You just need to plan carefully when it comes to mirrors they can lead you to a serious accident at some point so you need to ensure the mirror is not in reach of kids and is fixed properly.

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