Starting up an On-demand Event Transportation App: Challenges & Solutions

Event transportation app

Managing an event involves seamless transportation. The event may become clumsy if transportation weren’t done. Even managing a less crowd event involves proper communication and execution.What happens if a manual team is to manage the corporate events that are to happen on a global level? Manual event transportation can be a laborious task. With advancements in technology, software and apps have come to the rescue.There are challenges faced during the development of these apps. The challenges are,

Challenges in Event Transport management

Incomplete Details

An incomplete detail of a guest can create havoc during an event. Drivers aren’t aware of whom to pick up and even the location of the guests may be unknown. Last-minute guests may distort the original plan. This may lead to insufficient transportation.

Vehicle malfunction

Mistakes are prone to happen even when you have a 100% working plan. A vehicle malfunction may delay the proceedings of the event. Moreover, the guests may not be well adapted to these situations.

Lack of Coordination

Team members may differ in their opinions. This may lead to a lack of coordination among the group. Unhappy faces and undesirable situations are natural outcomes.

Drivers Mismanagement

Drivers may pick up wrong guests without proper communication. This may ruin your entire event. Drivers may find it hard to cope up with the guests during these situations.

Road closures

Roads closed due to maintenance may crumble the entire event. Traffic on a particular location can prolong the event.

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Solutions to challenges

The solutions to these challenges are vital in managing any event. The solutions are,

Proper communication

Proper communication can enhance the effectiveness of a successful event. Two-way communication between the guests and managers can provide for a happy event. Even a well-executed plan may go wrong without proper communication.

Meticulous planning

The managers must take into account the petty challenges that occur during the event. An ideal backup solution is always essential besides a master plan.

Reaching out to an app or software

Modern technology has solutions to all the difficulties encountered nowadays. An event travel management app can act as a one-stop solution to manage a complete event. Developing such a transportation app can be developed through ready-made app solutions like Uber clone app. These solutions have the fully loaded features and plugins to instantly start the business.

Essential features of an Event Management transportation app

An event management app does the work of a team of event managers. Complete insights about the event can provide a clear view of events to the event manager. The estimated time taken by the guest to reach the destination can allocate drivers to arrive at the destination. Moreover, traffic prone zones can also be identified using the GPS facilities available in the app. The features to be considered before developing an event management transportation app are,

Details of the Event

Before developing an Uber clone app for event transportation, the complete details regarding the event are to be furnished suitably. These details include,

  • Number of guests attending the event,
  • The name of the guests
  • The type of transportation facilities that are required for the guests,
  • The pickup and drop destinations of the guests,
  • The arrival and departure time of each guest.
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In-app Navigation facilities

The app must be compatible with the advanced navigation facilities. The app must provide insights to assigned drivers regarding the shortest route as well. Moreover, the app must be equipped with a real-time tracking facility so that the event manager can be updated instantly. The app must have a facility to share the location of the guests to the allotted drivers at the specified time.

Budget plans

The app must provide a detailed budget regarding the event based on the number of vehicles. If the budget doesn’t please the event manager, then the necessary arrangements must be made to reduce the budget. The most efficient and economical plan is suggested by the app.

Automated Report

The app must update the arrival and departure of the guest instantly. Any issues faced by the guests can be reported using the in-app chat facilities. Moreover, the app must bear the chronological happenings of the event which may reduce the time of an event manager.


Event management apps have begun to gain importance in the modern world. With automated services, event managers are relieved of the grinding tasks. Key attention must be given to the safety of the guests. Reliable drivers can increase the safety of the guests. Proper planning and execution can make an event successful. Apps nowadays are developed to handle even undesirable circumstances. If you are looking out for a custom developed event transportation app, Appdupe can help you with white-labeled apps, created just to meet your specifications.

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