Diesel ready mixed concrete pump Vs electric ready mixed concrete pump

You may or may not be familiar with ready mix concrete pumps, but one thing is sure you would have seen it at least once at any construction site. It is a concrete pump, whose raw material is ready mix concrete and directly delivered to the specific construction site through pipelines. It is very popular in the market because it is available in ready mix concrete form and can be used immediately.

Comparing it within-site concrete, it is of resolute quality and comes with excellent workability, intensity, and durability. And this quality of ready mix concrete makes it favorable for various construction projects. The benefits of ready mix concrete are enormous, from reducing urban noise to controlling environmental pollution, it is the best quality concrete that one can use for its construction site.

There are a lot of construction sites that prefer buying ready mix concrete pump and it is of two types:

●Diesel ready mixed concrete pump
●Electric ready mixed concrete pump.

Today, we are here to share with you the comparison between Diesel ready mixed concrete pump vs electric ready mixed concrete pump

Diesel Ready Mixed Concrete Pump

It is a kind of construction machinery in the course of commercial concrete transportation and deposition. It is run by a diesel engine. Through this, concrete can be channelized to the pouring site. It includes pumping body and conveying pipes. You will see diesel ready mix concrete pumps in the construction of high storage builds, bridges, tunnels, and water conservancy projects. If your construction site is in remote areas, where electric power is not available perfectly then this concrete pump is the perfect choice for you.

While concrete pump hire, make sure you keep your requirement in mind and then choose the best concrete pump for you.

Types of Diesel ready mixed concrete pump:

1.Diesel mini concrete pump,
2.Diesel small concrete pump,
3.Medium diesel pump,
4.Large diesel pump
5.Extra-large diesel pump.

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Systems and Working Principle
Diesel ready mixed concrete pump includes mechanical system, cooling system, lubrication system and much more. While the mechanical system contains a pumping system, the main power system, hydraulic oil tank, chassis frame body, the axle, and guide wheels.

Apart from all these features, the lubrication system is known to be the unique feature of the Diesel ready mixed concrete pump. While the pumping system is the main core of it.

The pumping system consists of 5 parts:

●The hopper – It helps in storing concrete to make sure the normal process of feeding
●The S valve – It contains the hopper and water tank
●Concrete conveying cylinder – it is an important connector for the main oil cylinder.
●The water tank – It is the place to store water
●The main oil cylinder – It is used to avoid rusting

Advantages of Diesel ready mixed concrete pump

●Comparing it with electric concrete pump, it contains great power variation
●It can easily adapt to various environments with excellent outcomes.
●In Diesel ready mixed concrete pump, concrete congestion can be avoided with the use of advanced smooth S-valve.
It contains a dual pump and dual circuit open hydraulic system. It means the oil circuit of the main pumping and the oil circuit of S valve’s swing are autonomous.
●To ensure required and efficient lubrication during the whole running process, it contains an automatic centralized lubrication system.
●It inherits the function of remote automatic control to make the process convenient and safe.
●Due to a really powerful cooling system, it ensures that the hydraulic system will always be in a normal state.
●It contains a concrete cylinder, which is made up of high wear-resistant materials that will increase the concrete pump’s service life and decrease customers’ maintenance costs.

Electric ready mixed concrete pump

The electric concrete pump is operated by an electric motor. It is known to be a popular option for various construction sites because of its simple and effective structure. Comparing it with Diesel ready mixed concrete pump, it has relatively low operating costs, easy maintenance, and simple operation. For pumping and spraying concrete, this electric ready mixed concrete pump is the perfect option. It comes in different types and all have different output, make sure you buy the one which you require.

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Types of Electric ready mixed concrete pump:

●Electric concrete trailer pump
●Electric concrete mixer pump
●Compulsory electric concrete mixing pumps
●Drum type electric concrete mixer pump

Working of Electric Concrete Pumping

Adjoining the various components and systems such as pumping mechanism, power, and hydraulic system, electric control system, lubrication system, pump frame and support, and piping system, the pump equipment can work efficiently and quickly for all your pumping needs.

Electric concrete pumping uses electricity as its power source. The main use of this pump is to transport concrete. It will only work efficiently in areas where electricity is available. Before starting using electric concrete pumping, make sure you check the voltage of the pump.

Advantages of Electric ready mixed concrete pump:

●It contains a hydraulic drive, which helps in making the performance reliable and effective.
●It contains an automatic lubrication system that will give you continuous operation of equipment.
●It contains remote control that defines easy access and efficient operation.


After reading all the benefits of both the concrete pump, we come to the conclusion that electric concrete pumping machines are more efficient and provide you with better benefits such as easy maintenance, simple system, low operating cost, maintenance cost, and long service life. While diesel concrete pumping machines are highly expensive and require high maintenance cost and care.

Therefore, if you want to concrete pump hire in London then hiring an electric concrete pumping machine is the best option for you.

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