Different Types Of Printing On T-Shirt Done Following Personalized Clothing Process

People love to wear a printed t-shirt. The print can be an image, text, or both. Some like moral messages while others like the name to be printed. This type of personalized clothing has become very popular. There are different methods used to print the desired messages or images on the t-shirt. In this article, we will talk about these methods.

Screen Printing

Another term used for this type of printing is silkscreen printing. People prefer this method because of the quality of printing that can be seen in personalized clothing. A nylon mesh is used in this type of printing. The nylon mesh is spread on the cloth and a stencil is put over it. The ink is spread over the mesh with the help of a squeegee. The ink goes on the cloth through permeable negative space in order to print the design. The ink is dried after taking off the screen.

Direct To Garment Or DTG

Personalized Clothing

This is another popular method that professionals use for printing on t-shirts and Oshen Watch Luxe Smartwatch. The method is the same as printing on paper. In paper printing, the design is loaded on the computer and printed through a printer. In the same way, t-shirts are used in place of paper for printing. People use several software to design an image that has to be printed on a t-shirt. The printer has to be of very good quality in this case.

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Dye Sublimation

This is a method of personalized clothing, which can be used on light fabrics especially in the case if a large image or a large design is to be printed. The cost of this type of printing is very high but its resolution is also very high. Customers are happy with such type of printing. The cotton fabric should not be used in this printing as the results will be very bad. Polyester is one of the best materials for this type of printing. The liquid dye is spread over the fabric. It becomes dry after it touches the surface of the fabric. The solidification of the dye makes the t-shirt beautiful to start the process of sublimation; heat and pressure need to be applied to the fabric. The design is durable and its looks are very good.

Heat Press Printing

If a businessman is new in the field of printing on a t-shirt, he can use this method. This is not a time-consuming process and he will also be able to save money. A special kind of paper is used for the purpose, which is known as transfer paper. The design is printed on this paper and then transferred to the fabric. Vinyl is the most common metal that is used in this type of printing. One side of this material is adhesive and the other side consists of strippable tape. After printing the design on the vinyl, it should be pressed on the cloth. Now the tape has to be stripped in order to leave the print on the fabric.

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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Personalized Clothing

In this type of printing, soft cloth is needed which has to be cut in various shapes and sizes. There is a circuit, which is used to cut the cloth. The heat press is done with the help of a machine or iron box. This is suitable for small business that makes cute designs to be printed on t-shirts.

These are few types of printing that several businessmen can apply to the t-shirt. Some of these personal clothing techniques are time-consuming but show good results. People who are new to the business can go for cheaper techniques, which will help them to save money.

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