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Abu Dhabi –the oasis of modernity- has combined thousands of people having different nationalities by providing unique opportunities to them. There are several places for tourists to enjoy memorable experiences. It is a city of endless opportunities. The multicultural city of Abu Dhabi is a source of attraction for tourists coming to visit UAE. The rich culture, heritage, elevated buildings, and unique architecture enhance the beauty of this city. Besides this, there is another reason to visit Abu Dhabi and that is desert safari adventure. Being a journalist, I came to UAE to cover a fashion week but I was very much tired by haphazard routine during this fashion show. I decided to take a break for one day and made a plan to visit desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Last year, one of my friends visited Abu Dhabi and I was inspired by her pictures on social media. It lifted an unquenchable love in me to explore Abu Dhabi. I packed my bag containing flip flops, sunglasses, hat, sunblock, and loose-fitting clothes.

My desert safari from Abu Dhabiat Rub Al Khali started when an air-conditioned coaster came to pick me up from my hotel by 2:30 pm. I was very satisfied because I did not know a lot about roads and routes towards a particular destination. It was a comfortable journey. When I arrived in the desert, I was welcomed warmly in the traditional Arabian style with coffee and tea that mesmerized me a lot. As it was afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was about 54 degrees. It was very hot but I enjoyed all the activities. I selected overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi deal because I was from Paris and it is was too hot to bear during day time.

Start dune bashing that rushed zeal and energy in the body:

The first activity that I was encounter was a dune driving session of 45 minutes. It fuelled adrenaline with high jumps and jolts over dunes. The driver was driving very dramatically and he took cuts across sharps cuts and edges. This hair raising activity kept me chuckling and screeching when driving on hills. It was not less than a daring adventure.I was continuously provided with chilled mineral water and other refreshments to keep hydrated from the burning heat of sunlight.

Sandboarding was full of spills and thrills over dunes:

It was a cool experience to slide down from dunes without exerting any force. Sandboardingwas a terrific experience by sliding through sloppy dunes. It uplifted my inner speed demon to drive on dunes. The ups and downs on dunes were invigorating and challenging. It boosted energy by going down from the height of several meters.

I explored deserts through camel ride:

The camel ride was also included in desert safari Abu Dhabi deals. I enjoyed camel ride on bumpy camels and had a panoramic view of the vast landscape of the desert.

Do not forget to take gorgeous photos and henna painting:

From the scorching desert to the iconic beauty of nature everything captured me in its magical view. During the evening, the glorious sunshine over the horizon was breathtaking. The dunes were glorified by golden sunlight. The beauty of the desert was engulfing me. I preferred to take stunning photographs by professional photographers that I shared on my social media account. On my arrival at the campsite, I dressed up in the traditional Arabian style by wearing Arabic costumes. Their embroidery pattern and designs were marvelous. It was mandatory to take photos in it. I had beautiful henna painting tattoos on my hands during desert safari Abu Dhabi. They were designed were nice.

The dinner was tasty and mouth-watering:

The desert safari Abu Dhabi deals included delectable BBQ dinner over which spicy sausages were dripping. The exotic flavor and aroma of cuisines were appetizing and joy was doubled by eating it next to the fire. Moreover, the rich flavor of dates was savory and sweet. I had Arabian coffee and tea as well. I cannot forget that special taste of ghawa. I also had an exoticsheesha pipe at the campsite.

Sleeping in a tent was more comfortable than hotel rooms:

The most amazing part of overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi was camping and spending a night in the desert. I slept in a tent under the open sky. I felt closed to nature as the sky was full of twinkling stars. During night time clean cool breeze was blowing that made me super relax. The sleeping arrangements were comfortable and had all the facilities there to spend a night. Moreover, I roamed in the whole desert to spot desert creatures at night time.


The moment of sunrise was stunning and breakfast was very delicious:

I also experienced a spectacular view of sunrise in the desert. It was my first in the lifetime experience. There were separate bathrooms for both men and women. I brushed my teeth and got ready. After that, I had finger-licking breakfast that was served in traditional style. I was dropped off to my hotel before the desert gets hot. Those 18 hours of desert safari from Abu Dhabiwere the best lifetime experience for me.

Sightseeing experience at Abu Dhabi was exciting and entertaining:

No doubt, Abu Dhabi is a luxury gateway that offers multiple places to go for sightseeing. As I belong to the media industry, I always love to explore cultural heritage. I also decided to visit Abu Dhabi. I made short documentaries covering all traditions, customs, lifestyles, amusement parks, and historical places for my YouTube channel that were trending. It will be an honor for me to share my experience with fans and friends. My tour began around 9:00 am when I was picked up from my hotel in an air-conditioner car.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: this mosque showcases rich Islamic culture and civilization that was record-breaking attraction for me. It is the biggest mosque in UAE. The beautiful architecture, hand-knitted carpets, awe-inspiring floral designs, and serene environment was a feat for my eyes.

Abu Dhabi Corniche: I spent quality time walking across the beachside. I walked from Sofitel Hotel to Gate 5 of the Public Beach and still, I could not fount its end. The children were happily riding their bicycles and flying kites. There were many shops, café, and restaurants from where I bought snacks.

Yas Island / Ferrari World Sightseeing:I experienced supreme royalty at deluxe resorts and manmade hotels at Yas Islands. The crystal clear water at thebeach front inspired me a lot. The fine silver-white sand grains were sparkling by sunlight. This indoor theme-based Ferrari amusement park was the most thrilling part of theAbu Dhabi city tour. The world-class roller coaster ride was an endless fun for me. Moreover, Waterworld and Radical SST passenger driving were incredible.

Emirates Palace Hotel:I experienced wide a range of rich cuisine here. My taste buds still crave for those delectable dishes. From stuffed camel to smoky rice everything was mouth-watering and savory. You guys must try their gold-flaked Palace Cappuccino. From the façade to lobbies and garden everything was luxurious and beautifully designed.

Marina Mall Visit:This supreme mall provided me with a massive variety of goods to buy. The clothes, make-up products, food, and electric appliances all were available under one roof. This state of the art had a Mercedes Benz showroom as well. I was amazed after visiting the 9-screen VOX cinema. This shopping mall was a paradise for me as I bought top trendy dresses from Marina Mall.

Heritage Village Visit:it gave me a glimpse of the typical desert lifestyle before the modern era. There were many workshops from where I bought handicraft items. I also tried pottery, weaving, and spinning there. I must say that kneading is a skillful job. There were handmade soaps, dried herbs, and many other traditional things at spice shops.

Residential Palace: I must admire the royal Emirati interior and architecture that indicated the world’s greatest leaders. The frieze and crafted geometric patterns on walls were revealing true Arabian traditions and culture. I came to know about the religion and heritage of the UAE. At the governance and cooperation section a stunning and lavish chandelier was hanging that had more than 350,000 crystals on it.

After visiting those incredible areas, I was dropped off at my hotel around 2:00 pm. The total duration of theAbu Dhabi city tour was 5 hours. There are many café, sheesha bars, dance clubs, and night clubs that are parallel to New York. I must conclude that Abu Dhabi tour was very entertaining, beguiling, and boisterous for me. I enjoyed every moment during my stay in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is a city of blissful scenery, entertainment activities, rip-roaring adventures, and monumental buildings that are perfect to be visited with your friends, family, children, and even with grandparents.  Do make a plan to visit desert safari Abu Dhabi during these vacations.

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