DLK Lights Up the Holidays with The Perfect Gifts

As you browse the gadgets and torches here at DLK, the looming holidays may make it difficult to shop for yourself.  After all, who can fulfill their own gadget needs when there are lists to be checked and presents to buy?  Have no fear—DLK a wonderful source for practical, personal, and fun gifts.  Make this holiday season merry and bright with gifts from LightsAndKnives.

For Outdoor Enthusiasts and Handymen

Give the Coast deluxe multi-tool to your favorite backpacker, hunter, or repairman in your life.  This tiny dynamo flips open with one hand to reveal several blades.  Open it all the way and you’ll find count eleven tools total, including pliers, wire cutters, scissors, and a can opener.  At only four inches long, the multi-tool slides easily into a pocket.  You can be sure the deluxe multi-tool will provide years of use, thanks to its stainless steel construction.

The Z-Frame large knife is another great gift for anyone that loves to be in nature, where the need for a reliable knife may come at any time.  With titanium coated stainless steel blade, a belt clip, and a liner lock, the Z-Frame will fly through nearly any material in the great outdoors.

For Newlyweds and New Home buyers

It can be difficult to find holiday gifts for newlyweds and new homeowners.  After all, they probably got everything they needed at the wedding or house warming, right?

Don’t be so sure.  The LED Lenser Briefcase Light Kit is the perfect present for those in new living situations. This full flashlight kit will answer every lighting need around the house, in the garage, or in the shop.  The LED Lenser Briefcase contains lights valued at over $200, yet DLK’s price is less than $50.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who has moved into a new home—they’ll always be sure to have just the right light when they need it.  Likewise, a flashlight for every need sends a beautiful message to newlyweds that their marriage will be full of light.  With an array of ten torches ranging from the Lilliputian Nano Lenser, which complements any key ring, to the full-sized Moon Lenser, you can be sure that your loved one will appreciate this well-organized kit for years to come.

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For Earth Lovers and Penny Pinchers         
In today’s dreary economic climate, everyone on your list will be looking for ways to save money this holiday season.  Environmentally friendly products like LED lights make great gifts because they allow people to save money as they save the earth.  LED’s require very little energy, and unlike CFLs, LED’s don’t contain noxious mercury.

Coast’s small photonium lamp marries impressive energy savings with stunning modern design elements.  This powerful desk lamp provides brilliant, clean light while using 70% less energy than traditional desk lamps.  As good lighting task can increase productivity and lift a person’s mood, your gift will make the recipients life a little easier, and a little less energy-dependent.

For Art-Lovers and Executives Alike
Some of us seem specially equipped to find and enjoy beauty.   Perhaps the special artist in your life seems to disdain gifts that don’t delight the eyes.  Executives and other professionals like lawyers and accountants can be equally difficult to shop for—after all, they’re likely to buy what they need and want without any prodding.

For these selective individuals, a beautiful piece of glass art makes a wonderful gift—especially when lit with LEDs.  DLK offers a gorgeous selection of glass art just waiting to adorn the desk of your loved one.  A scientist or doctor might especially enjoy the DNA-like design of the red-white spiral art glass ball.  Teachers and travelers will enjoy the blue earth globe version, while poets and romantics will love the white flower glass sculpture.  Match one of these or another glass ball with a white- or colored-light base, and you’re ready to wow the most selective recipient.

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Stocking Stuffers for Everyone
Rather than stuff your loved ones’ stockings with candy, slip in a Micro Tac Torch by Coast LED Lenser.  Or, for more personalization, select the Mini Tac, available with striking black, red, blue, and silver cases.  Giving mini flashlights to your loved ones will bring you assurance that they will be safe and prepared in the coming year.

Now that you’ve checked everyone off your list, you can return to your personal gadget shopping in peace.  Enjoy, and may the light of the holiday season fill you with hope and cheer throughout the new year.

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