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“Dogs for sale” means different things to different people. To some it means that they’re ready to find and buy a dog. To others it means that another pet emergency mill is in business and scam artists are at it again and they are not impressed with them.

You used the key words “dogs for sale” while using the Google search engine. Look at the top of the page and notice that there are about 2,170,000 pages with websites that have those keywords within their content. This means that there is a whole lot of very good educational information out there. It also means that there is a whole lot of misinformation by scam artists ready and willing to take advantage of your emotional desire to buy a pet.

Use the Internet to educate yourself and your family about the kind of dog for sale that you are expecting to find.

Before you go off and running to do any searching, start by writing down the following questions. Take the time necessary to answer each and every one of them. If other people will be involved, answer the questions with their answers. As a sum total, they will be the best guides for helping you in your search. Be smart and do this the right way because you will be living with this dog for a very long time.

Why are you buying a dog?

Where do you live?

Where will be living in 5 or 8 years?

What is your dwelling type?

Are you knowledgeable about training?

Are you trainable?

Will children be involved?

Will senior citizens be involved?

Will the dog be able to have walks on a daily basis?

Do you understand how a dog’s mind works?

Do you have patience?

Can you afford $2,100 a year per dog?

Do you have the money for emergency vet bills?

Do you have a veterinarian?

Do you understand veterinarian costs?

Do you know the location of an emergency vet clinic?

What will you do for boarding your dog if necessary?

What kind of dog for sale do you want?

Do you know the negative genetic characteristics of that breed?

Do you want two dogs for their own benefit?

How many people will be active in all aspects of your pets’ life?

Who performs what jobs in your home in dealing with your dog?

Will you have time to actually pay attention to your dog with playtime?

What is the dollar limit that you will pay to keep your dog alive? Write down an actual number. Don’t say, “whatever it takes” because when they hand you that estimate you will eat your words. You DO have a limit.

You probably added even more questions to this list and that’s a good thing. You are now ready to start your education process by searching out answers to all of the questions.


When looking at Internet sites with dogs for sale, examine how their article is written. Is the spelling correct? Do they present good and in depth descriptions? Does the breeder seem to know what they’re talking about? There are some that are very poorly written with drastic misspellings and grammatical errors that none of us have ever seen before. Don’t waste time with these, they treat their animals just like they treat the English language.

A reputable breeder will give you the name and phone number of their veterinarian clinic. Call the vet to ask about the breeder’s reputation and quality of their dogs for sale. Ask all of the questions that you can think of before you hang up the phone.


You will visit the breeder and meet their dogs for sale before you make the purchase. You will never buy any dog from anywhere in the world without physically visiting the breeder. If you don’t, you are setting yourself up for a scam. If you don’t have the time or money or desire to visit a breeder in Arkansas when you live in California, find your dog closer to home.


Nearly any breed of dog for sale can be found within the United States or Canada. This places them within proximity to you for your visit. Most breeds can be found in just about every other country in the world. Would you really buy a dog from Cameroon or Belgium or Madagascar without visiting the dog? Regardless of the nature of Internet activity from the West Coast of Africa, nearly all of it is scam related. You don’t need to buy a St. Bernard from a scammer in Togo or Nigeria.


In their societies, dogs are not pets that are taken into their homes. They are known as community dogs. They have no emotional attachment to dogs but they know that you do and they are willing to take advantage of that to get your money.


After you have made your choice selection of that dog for sale, don’t buy it now. Instead, ask permission from the breeder to take the pet to a veterinarian for a checkup. Take it to a different vet other than the breeder’s. If you don’t do this step you are setting yourself up for high vet bills once you are back home. Do you know how deadly Parvo disease is to other dogs? You don’t want to spread that disease so get that checkup before buying. Reputable breeders will let you do this but may require that they be present during the vet visit. You can’t blame them because they don’t want you taking off without paying.


Do not buy any dogs for sale from pet stores because they only come from puppy mills. Puppy mills are notoriously poorly run breeding operations that thrive at the expense of suffering dogs. There are usually hundreds of dogs in these puppy mills. This is big business that makes millions of dollars a year.


Ohio had an occurrence in late fall of 2007 that involved an Amish puppy mill. In a seven-day period, 3,500 pups were loaded into tractor-trailer rigs and taken to your local pet store. This happens several times a year at this mill. The operation could not be seen without walking a long distance into a secluded area on this farm. Many of the dogs for sale could not even walk because of beatings and conditions that caused physical deterioration. They do not use veterinarians for their livestock nor for their puppy mills. They are spreading all kinds of diseases throughout the Country. There are many puppy mills in Amish country.

The Amish do not have a monopoly in this big money business. There is a great number of other puppy mills all over the United States.

Pet stores could care less about the filthy conditions and the failing health of breeding dogs on puppy mills. The inhumane treatment and beatings of the dogs don’t bother them either. They’re only in it for the money. Dogs for sale that are purchased from pet stores have the highest death rate and short life span of all dogs sold. They have the record for poor animal health. Pet stores look pretty and the pets look so healthy plus the staffs are very friendly people. You wouldn’t think about serious issues because you are in a relaxed state of mind. After all, the store is “pretty” and they’ve got you where they want you.

Ask them to let you look in their back room where they cage and feed the pups. They won’t because they know there are some very sick puppies back there and some may even have Parvo disease.


It’s time to train you and your dog. Save yourself a whole lot of time and grief with buying some DVD’s from Cesar Millan or borrow them from your local public library. These DVD’s will quickly show you what you need to do in order to have a peaceful home with your dog. You’ll see that even Pit Bull dogs and Rottweiler dogs can be extremely docile if you follow Cesar’s guidelines. His DVD’s show how to properly train yourself to be the Alpha and how to deal with many dog breeds.

Never underestimate the importance and value of the time that you spent on your dogs for sale research.

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