Draw This in Your Style – Some Fun Ways to Personalize an Art Work!

draw this in your style

Some Info About Draw this in Your Style Challenge

Want to know more about the Draw this in Your Style Challenge? Ever since the covid-19 pandemic, most people are left with no choice but to sit back at home. This is majorly due to the Covid-19 curbing lockdown or a curfew. With tons of hours spent alone at home, the people came up with new and innovative challenges to kill their time in such dark times. One of such challenges is the Draw this in your Style Challenge. As the name clearly suggests, the Draw this in your style challenge is all about taking inspiration from a specific pic or poster and giving it your own unique twist.

Draw this in your style challenge can really bring out your creativity. In each and every step of this challenge, one has complete creative freedom. Here in this brief article about the challenge, we will describe the various elements of it and how you can make it even more special.

When to take Up this Challenge?

draw this in your style

Source- www.skillshare.com

Well, as an artist or just an art enthusiast, you should take up this incredible challenge only once you finish your own ideas and work. If you already have a theme or artwork in mind, then it is better to complete that first. Once you are done working on your ideations. Then you can take this challenge. If you take it up while having a creative and unique idea, then this might subside that. Moreover, this art is somewhat all about taking up inspiration. So, once you are trying to do this challenge, you have to be creative, but it has to start from inspiration.

Steps of this Challenge 

To start off, you have to find a piece of art that you can give a twist. Take your time and go through a lot of options. The main motive here should be to an art inspiration that can act as a base. So, go ahead and scroll through a lot of artists and their artwork. Here, we are only keeping popular art in mind. You choose any popular anime character or any other cartoon. This is because if you take any random piece of art or character, then people will have no clue what unique twist you have given to it. Hence, to amaze the people with your creativity, you will have to take up a popular character.

Use of Social Media 

draw this in your style

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This is just a trend that got popular with the help of social media. You have to scroll and find artwork from Instagram. After finding one and drawing that in your own style, you have to upload the artwork. The primary motive to keep in mind while uploading is to tag the original artwork with your work. This will help the people to watch and compare the two artwork. Without adding the original artwork, nobody would know what your creative add on was. To enrol into the challenge and share your artwork even further, you can add the hashtag- Drwathisinyourstyle.

Work in Your Style

For this challenge, you have all the creative freedom that you want. Let us discuss some of the details about creative freedom in this challenge below-

Choose your Base- 

Anyone who is into art would know that canvas plays a very important role in any work of art. So here, in this challenge, you get to use whatever base you want to use for your artwork. You can use plain canvas or any other material. If you think that your material will play an important role, you can choose anything you want. By selecting a different base for your painting, you can add a brilliant texture to your new painting.

Watercolour, Crayon, Pencil?

Just like the canvas base, you have the complete liberty to paint with whatever element you want to! You can choose crayons, pastel colours or even plain old pencils! Using your own choice of paint can make a huge difference! With the different forms of paints and brushes, your unique touch will definitely come up.

Other Aspects-

  • Size in your Style

Whether the original painting you are copying is small or large, you can choose your own personal size for this challenge. The different sizes can be a bit difficult to make, too, so don’t go overboard with it. By making a miniature or a larger model of the art can also give it a unique look.

  • Don’t Replicate

One important element in this Draw this in your style challenge is to add your touch. This is not a copying championship where you have to replicate a painting by some famous artist. The main aim of this creative challenge is to work on another artist’s creativity by adding your elements to it. The best way to start the challenge is by setting no boundaries. Don’t put unnecessary restrictions on your creativity and let the freehand takeover.

  •  Change the Format if you like 

What can make this Draw this in your challenge more impressive is that you can even change the Format of the artwork! If you find a sketch very appealing and you want to add something more to it, you can make it in some other art form as well. For example, you can take up an artwork that is a water-coloured drawing, and you can even transform it into digital artwork if you feel like it.

What makes this Social Media Challenge Different? 

We all see various social media challenges come and go. We hardly pay any attention to most of these challenges. However, this challenge is a bit different. Unlike dance or a food trend, this challenge can help you think out of the box. The Draw this in your style challenge will surely help you to push your creative abilities. By adding various elements to an already existing artwork, you can make something completely new as well.

Moreover, while working on this challenge, you can find several amazing artists participating in this as well. Besides, finding some new artwork, these artists and their work can give you immense inspiration and motivation. You can even try linking up with an artist online to get some tips if you want to.


Overall, the Draw this in your style is a fun induced learning activity brought by the internet. Thanks to the tons of artists online that made it huge all across the globe by participating. If you want to try this out, simply go on Instagram and look for artists who are also taking part in this and collab!

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