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Dynamic Pixel involves e learning in companies to the various e-learners with theses multiple benefits : An online training system reduces many costs that would normally be associated with classroom training, including travel, learning materials, venues, and catering. After implementing an online employee training program, an employee can see the giving savings and ROI is one of the clearest benefits of e-learning for businesses.

People are always looking for the best opportunities to come. With this online training employees get access with new techniques and technologies. Traditional training methods has not been used these times as it it consumes the times of the programs takes away from valuable time that could have been spent on other work. With training management systems, employees can participate in their online courses at anytime, anywhere from  home or during down time at work , so learning does not  have to conflict with other important or time sensitive

E-learning means there is no boundary which can affect learning. The main basic advantage of e – learning is that employees have the ability to participate in online courses from anywhere with an excellent internet connectivity. This reduces a lot of energy spent coordinating where and when the course will going to take place. It is not possible and sometimes it is not efficient to gather all the employees at one place. E-learning gives both management and employees more flexibility to complete important JIT technique which is more powerful and important component taking at the time of management training as per requirements change.

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Real-time feedback can be given by the employees during an online training course and because everything is online as the increase in the technology, management can also get up-to-date analyses on how courses are performing, and even they track the progress of individual employees. Manual evaluations are now being burden and manual work is now not in the minds of the people. If you want to include quizzes in your training, all course authors need to do is provide the correct answers, and the learning becomes easy and reasonable.

A wide range of e learning styles and genres, from rapid e learning to very sophisticated system simulations can be developed by a team.. We can build you compelling courses bringing together your e learning materials and our large library of e learning videos using Dynamic Pixel. Dynamic Pixel is really going to change the way we integrate off the shelf and open e-learning materials into your companies e learning program. Using design and develop the clients came to know about the features of the e- learning program. We develop for: Rapid  requirements, Mobile learning, Native Apps for learning, Web Apps for learning, Custom requirements, Video content , Content conversion, Content updates Linked content creation ,Dynamic system simulations, Professional accreditations, Qualifications, Operational requirements, Legislative requirements

Elearning content development can be developed by Dynamic Pixel that delivers to PC and desktop, Tablet devices such as I pads and for Smart phones.

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