Easy Everyday Skin Care Routine

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Having a flawless skin can be quite a journey, and not an easy one. It is very hard to make sure that your skin is hydrated, glows, and is clear. So, to keep it maintained, it is important that you follow a simple skin care routine everyday in the morning as well as in the night so that your skin remains flawless. To help you out, we have listed down some of the best ways and tips regarding a simple yet efficient skin care routine which you can follow.


Cleansing is such an important part of your skin care routine. To get rid of all the dirt, bacteria, and oil or sebum from your skin; it is very important that you cleanse your face nicely. You must always use a mild cleanser. If you have oily skin, go for a foam cleanser, and if you have dry skin, go for a gel based cleanser. 

Double cleanse for makeup

Sometimes, using one cleanser when you have heavy makeup on is not enough. So, it is important that you clean your face nicely twice with a cleanser. 


Toning is also very important as after cleansing your face it is important to minimize your pores so that they don’t get accumulated with dirt and bacteria. Also, toning helps in making your skin fresh and adds moisture as well. 

Scar cream for face

A scar cream for face can help in reducing the pigmentation, acne, and acne spots or marks that you have on your skin. It is very important that you indulge in using scar reducing cream products. These scar reducing cream products can make your skin clear and flawless once and for all. However, it is important that you become consistent with their use. Miracles won’t happen overnight.


It is also again very important you moisturize your face very fell. This will help in sealing all the products in your face and also make sure that your skin does not get flaky or patchy due to dryness of your skin. Use a light weight gel moisturizer if you have oily skin, and a heavy cream based or oil moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you have combination skin, a cream moisturizer and not a very heavy one will be fine. 


If you are going out then it is very important that you have a skin care routine that ends with a sunscreen. This will help in preventing your skin to get damaged from sun rays and UV rays which can be very harmful for your skin. Also, even if you are going out in evening, the rays are still present in the atmosphere and can harm the same.

Eye cream

Use eye cream for your night skin care routine only to ensure that your eyes and eye bags stay moisturized and you can prevent wrinkles and fine lines or else treat them.

This skin care routine is a great one to follow each day and you will see the difference for sure. This can be effective on old scar marks. There have been a lot of studies regarding it and it has been said that the silicone sheets work best on the hypertrophic scars. There are topical silicone gels available as well which one can apply on the keloid scars as well. One can get them over the counter at any drug store and if one wants they can ask a doctor as well before using them.  But the primary thing that one must do is to take care of the wounds or the acne so that the scar never happens at the very first place. For that, one has to keep the wounded area clean and moisturize it at a regular interval. There are some scars which might not be avoided but it can definitely be cured by taking proper care.

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