EVA Sheet – Its common Applications & use in Solar Panels

EVA foam sheet is a special material that has an ability to remain strong even when the temperature level is low. EVA (Ethylene – Vinyl – Acetate) foam has several useful properties that make it suitable to use for various applications. In fact, it is a good substitute for rubber, PVC foam, wood composites, vinyl, fiberglass as well as mineral wool.

This article is a must-read for those searching for an EVA sheet manufacturer in India and goes on to list the various properties and applications of EVA Foam and how it is vital for use with solar panels.

Important Properties

EVA foam has a long list of properties that makes it quite popular. Here is a list of some of its important properties:

  • It has the ability to sustain low temperature and still remain very strong.
  • It is highly resistant to UV radiation.
  • This material does not crack under high stress and is also waterproof.
  • EVA foam is both impact-resistant and can also absorb vibrations.
  • Other factors chemical exposure and oil & fuel spills and splashes will not affect this material.
  • Strong resistance against harsh weather.

Common Applications

EVA foam is extremely versatile and hence is useful for a large number of applications. In fact, it is almost taken for granted when used in appliances, automotive, buildings, electronics, marine purposes, healthcare, sports, leisure, footwear, and recreation. EVA sheet is one of the vital components of a solar panel system as well since it is used to protect the photovoltaic cells.

Listed here are some of the common applications of EVA foam.

  • It is one of the best alternatives to using rubber and vinyl products as far as electrical appliances are concerned.
  • Plastic wraps have a very useful property, they cling-on when wrapped around something. This is mainly due to EVA.
  • Products like adhesives that are used for packaging, coated papers, bonding plastic films, metal surfaces, etc are also a result of EVA.
  • EVA is useful for the purpose of making wax and resin adhesives, coated papers, metal surfaces, bonding plastic films.
  • Children’s foam stickers also contain EVA craft foam.
  • It is useful for biomedical drug delivery applications as well.
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Integrating EVA Sheets with Solar Panels

A Solar panel consists of photovoltaic cells, which happen to be one of the most important components since it is directly exposed to sunlight. Since it is exposed it necessary to protect from harsh weather conditions. This is where an EVA sheet is useful, they protect the solar cells. They form a solar back sheet and are placed in a vacuum with the help of heat and compression using a lamination machine.

The EVA sheet protects the solar cells in many ways. Besides protecting from bad weather, it also prevents the photovoltaic cells from being exposed to moisture and dirt and reduces the impact of shocks and vibrations. Implementing an EVA Sheet in this way will ensure that the solar photovoltaic cells, as well as the important circuits, are well protected.

EVA sheet manufacturers in India, play a vital role in providing EVA sheets to develop high-performance Solar Panels. All Solar panels developed in this way will be durable and high performing.  It is easy to understand the importance of an EVA sheet once you know how a solar panel is constructed. There is a rising demand for Solar panels for both residential use and commercial. These solar panels are made from a series of silicon crystalline cells that are placed between a glass plate and a solar back sheet. It is ideally placed in an aluminum frame to keep everything together.

It is estimated that the life of an average solar panel is 25 years approximately and that it has the ability to withstand extreme temperature, wind, humidity, and direct UV radiation. The EVA sheet is placed between the front glass plate and the solar cells and provides the necessary protection.

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