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Madrid is one of the most visited cities globally, and the second destination is chosen by travelers who arrive in Spain.  According to Statista’s internet webpage, in 2021, there were approximately 2.2 million international overnight tourists in Madrid, and the numbers in the sector keep growing after plummeting due to the pandemic.

For anyone who has visited or lived in Madrid, these numbers are no surprise. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with a massive cultural heritage, a vibrant atmosphere, delicious cuisine, fantastic shopping opportunities, nice weather, and nightlife. 

Those characteristics explain why many Britons chose to visit Madrid in search of relaxation and sunlight. Furthermore, with remote working growing across the UK, many people choose to spend some time living in Spain and improve their language by attending a Spanish language school Madrid

Many Spanish schools, such as Expanish, offer programs specifically designed for travelers who are looking for an immersive learning experience while living or just visiting Madrid and want to make the most of their experience in Spain. 

Traveling with kids

Most of the reviews on touristic destinations are meant for people who travel alone, as a couple, or with friends. Thus, they can confuse those looking for a traveling experience as a family. 

Traveling with kids is an entirely different experience than traveling alone, as a couple, or with friends. What is a dreamy plan for two or more adults can turn into a nightmare with children involved. 

Many wonders if Madrid is an excellent destination to visit with kids. We will answer that question by describing the family activities in the city and whether it is a family-friendly destination. 

Climate and average weather in Madrid

One of the most important things to check before embarking on a family trip is how the weather will be. Of course, it is not 100% predictable, but it is essential to avoid seasons where we have more chances of rains, very hot or very cold weather.

Dealing with bad weather when traveling with kids can be pretty tricky. Just think about the kids being obligated to stay inside the accommodation all day long without their nanny and friends. It can turn a relaxation gateway into an utterly exhausting experience. So, checking on the climates a vital for planning the perfect trip with the family. 

Madrid has a Mediterranean climate, which means it is temperate and dry to sub-humid weather. Throughout the year, temperatures can alter from – 16° C to 33° C and is never below -5° C or higher than 37° C.

Summers in Madrid are most likely hot and dry, with a clear blue sky almost every day.  The hot term can continue for nearly 90 days, starting in June and ending in September. During that time, the average high temperatures are above 28° C. The warmest times in Madrid are during July, when temperatures are between 32° C and 17°C.

Winters are freezing and usually cloudy. The chilly term persists for about 120 days, starting in November and ending in March. The coldest month in Madrid in January, when the average low temperature is 0º C. During winter, the average high temperature is below 14º C.

Falls are pretty pleasant, with temperatures remaining in the 60º F all over September and October. Spring is very rainy, but since it is a dry climate, rains are more like drizzles and light showers, nothing a compact umbrella can’t solve.

With that being said about the local climate, what is stated in many Madrid reviews is that the best time to visit the city is during spring or fall. By doing so, you will get better prices, fewer crowds, and good weather for almost every activity you plan to do.

Family-friendly activities

Even though which activity best fits your family depends a lot on your kids’ ages, here are some activities that work fine for almost every family.

  • Madrid city tour on an open-top double-decker bus

Kids love traveling by bus, especially if it is an open-top one. A one or 2-day hop-on hop-off tour bus in Madrid will take you and your family through the city’s highlights. This is the most beautiful way of exploring the city for the first time and getting to know about its history and most iconic places through an onboard audio commentary that can be set up in English. 

  • Madrid bicycle tour

For those who prefer to use a sustainable and healthy transportation method, there is a bicycle tour that will take you through the spectacular sights of Madrid, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. All safety equipment is included on this tour, as well as a bottle of water, but the minimum age is 13 years old. This option is only available for families with teenage kids. 

  • Hot-air balloon ride

Undoubtedly a life-changing experience, flying on a hot-air balloon over the Guadamarra Regional Park will impress all the family members, no matter their ages. This is a 3-hours ride includes a Spanish brunch on board while enjoying the most amazing landscapes from the sky. The minimum age is five years old, and another important detail is that there is no seating available in the basket.

  • Madrid’s Attraction Park

Located 4 kilometers from the city center, Madrid’s Attractions Park is one of the most popular entertainment places in the city.  It has four different zones: machinery, nature, quietness, and Nickelodeonland. This is the perfect place to go with children, even if they are in their early childhood stage.

In conclusion, traveling with family requires a special planification to ensure that every member has fun and time to relax. Madrid has many things to offer for families, no matter the kid’s age. Choosing the right time in the year and making a special plan are great ways to get the best of Madrid and its surroundings with your family.

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