Field Staff Tracking Software – Helping Service Companies To Locate Their Field Management Personnel Efficiently

Business organizations have to upgrade themselves with changing times. They need to upgrade their software and hardware capabilities in order to build better capabilities and obtain a larger operation scale. There are various types of companies which deal in various types of products and services. Apart from product manufacturing companies, there are certain service providing companies which help ultimate customers and even other businesses for improving their scale of operations. 

Service providing companies have to perform and provide various types of services which can help another organization increase its productivity. The services provided help business companies focus on their core activities of manufacturing products and supporting their customer to the best of their abilities. Service providing companies make sure the customers stay free from any kind of inconvenience related to the products when they are in transit and even after they have been delivered. Moreover, every activity which an organization has to perform for management of their field service personnel and tracking them on their field jobs is covered under field services.

A service proving company has to indulge in various types of activities which are listed as follows:

  • Dispatch of raw material and finished products from warehouses
  • Tracking of dispatch personnel on field
  • Handle customer complaints and redressal of the same
  • Creation of necessary schedules and dispatch reports for management
  • Field service and delivery of products
  • Marketing and sale of products

These activities need to be performed with complete efficiency and skill by a field service management company. Also, an organization has to track their field personnel by using various types of software and other solutions available for the same. A field service providing company needs to keep continuous track of Salesforce personnel who work continuously on the field for providing services to another business organization. a continuous contact and vigil needs to be maintained on salesforce personnel in order to manage their activities and keep a track on their movement.

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There are various companies providing customized software solutions for tracking movement of field service personnel. Fieldpromax is one such company which provides necessary solutions and software for the same. Field management software acts as a open source gps tracking platform which can be used by a field service providing company to keep a track on their movement. Moreover, an organization can track their movement and pinpoint their location using the field management software. The field management software acts as digital software which can help automate the process of managing field services and other processes.

The software can be used to locate a salesforce individual who is working in the field at a particular location. It acts as a connecting medium between supervisors and field service personnel. They can be located and instructions can be transmitted using the field management software. The software is a cloud based field service management solution that helps in improving overall productivity and efficiency of the service providing personnel.

An organization can use the field staff tracking software for improving the overall capabilities of their personnel. Real time monitoring and tracking of technician’s movement and activities is possible through such software.

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