Foosball Buying Guide – You Need to Know Before Purchasing

Foosball is among the most addictive football games in recent times. It’s included a new charm to our gaming room. If you’ve been to a pub or match room, odds are high you would’ve seen or played with a foosball table. The football game is a source of enormous pleasure with friends and loved ones. Thus, it’s very exciting to have a new foosball table in your gambling stock. But if you’re more adorable in this pipeline, you might have failed to get the ideal value of money. I suggest you browse our foosball buying guide to fulfill your requirement within your budget. I will disclose the things which you should think about prior to buying a foosball table.

Foosball Buying Guide- The Ultimate Guideline

You will find several brands on the market that produce different structured foosball tables. However, you must be aware of some substantial aspects before buying a money worthy foosball table.


Does size matter? Of course it. If you’d like a typical size foosball table, you are able to go for a more 56-inches long and 30-inches wider table. Experts recommend having a playing space must be of 7-feet by 8-feet within an average for your full-size foosball table.

Counter-balanced players play a very important function in the best gameplay. You are able to place them at a horizontal position when you like to shoot shots into the opponent’s goal. You’ll delight in a far better match if your table comes with counterweighted men on the playing sticks.


Goalie Configuration

There are just two goalie options in a foosball table. Some tables come with one goalie and some others prefer three different goalie configurations. You must remember that the majority of the high-end tables comprise three goalie configuration you can easily convert it into one individual goalie according to your taste.


Table Levelers

Table levelers are also important for experiencing a wonderful foosball video game. You may simply level the foosball table, adjusting the levels and find an even play-field. It ensures that a smooth and play.

In addition, you must not compromise with playing sticks. Hollow steel rods will be one of the most preferable because they boost your game up for enjoying rapid gameplay. They’re light in weight and you can easily perform your shots without even sacrificing your balance.

You should examine the playing surface to figure out how fast the ball will travel. A solid and smoother playing surface ensures that a faster rate and precise ball control. You won’t have to go for a lustrous surface.



The materials are used in creating a foosball table possess a great impact on the lifespan of it. Wood and metal are obviously preferable compared to plastic. The caliber build structures provide durability and may withstand for several years to come.



If you should be purchasing a tabletop, then how much you are willing to spend isn’t going to matter much, as the majority are priced under $100. If you anticipate purchasing a standalone nevertheless, the price might be a variable. These tables vary anywhere from $100 to a few million. How much do you want to invest in a desk? Just how long do you plan on keeping it?


Buying By Player Skill Level

If you’re brand new and would like to step into this new world, you are going to go for the beginners’ degree foosball tables. So, to get a foosball table, measure your skill which option is going to meet up your budget and expectation too.



Within this category, you will locate the affordable particleboard models which may suit the beginners. You don’t need to spend more money on getting a table for beginners. You could always upgrade a foosball table by simply substituting the parts only if you think that mid-level tables offer you the caliber features you desire to possess.



If you desire to buy a foosball table for intermediate players, then you should go for the tables that cost $500 or only a bit. In this category, you will discover durable composite construction, solid steel rods, a level playing surface and some other valuable features that found in high-end tables.



The tables in this category provide high-quality features and designed to develop survive. The tables possess high-end features & most of them have been tournament quality tables. They have all the features a severe fooser wants to have inside their foosball table.

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