Get Epoxy Coating for Your Floors to Make Them Beautiful and Last Longer

Epoxy Flooring Boca Raton FL

The concept of epoxy coating on the floors is gaining popularity as it acts as a sealant for concrete floors. It also offers a unique and creative approach to installing a contemporary, decorative concrete floor for residential or commercial use. Epoxy flooring in Boca Raton FL is commonly found in garages and basements. People enjoy having beautiful and durable protective coatings for the floors in their houses.

Affordable Epoxy Coatings are Available

You may think that epoxy coating is an expensive investment but when you consider the cost of replacing the floor and the cost of installing a sub-par concrete coating, it will seem worthwhile. It is much more durable than simple flooring and is easier to maintain. You might pay more in the beginning, but a cheaper concrete finish will cost you more down the road. So, when you consider the whole picture, investing in epoxy coating is more affordable than regular flooring.

Professionals Install Epoxy Coating that is Durable and Long Lasting

The professional install epoxy coating on your floors efficiently. They use high quality coating and prepare the floor effectively so when the coating is applied, it lasts for years. The experts remove all the loose cement and open concrete pore in order to get best results. When it is rightly applied, it can easily last up to 15 years rather than one to two. It has special features and once it has been applied, it becomes hard and does not need any repairs for a long time. Epoxy is very easy to maintain as it does not chip very easily or get stained. Epoxy is moisture-resistant and makes an impenetrable barrier which means that the floor remains protected. Not only this, but it is easy to clean as well.

Epoxy Coating Can be Installed on Kitchen Floors

Concrete coating comes in various qualities. The best ones may be a little heavy on the pocket, but they are durable and long lasting. The high-quality ones offer longer warranties and have outstanding feedback from satisfied customers. It is a heat resistant material and can easily resist heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Some higher quality epoxies can resist even a higher temperature than this. Therefore, they can easily be installed on kitchen floors and not get damaged by hot spills and stove heat.

Epoxy Offers Design Choice

With epoxy coating available, you can have any kind of design made on the floors and then have it topped with a clear epoxy sealer. The coating is smooth but not slippery. No matter how intricate and delicate the design is, it can be protected by epoxy coating and you can enjoy it for a long time. You can have a design that is different from others and uniquely your own.

Epoxy coating makes your floors elegant, durable and increase their life. Epoxy coated floors can have versatile and stylish designs which can become a cause of envy among your friends and family.

Choose the Right Epoxy

Epoxy floor paints are tough resin-base paints that come in two separate parts mixed together before applying. There are three different types of epoxy paint: solid, solvent-base, and water-base.

Solid epoxy: Epoxy that is solid is the purest form of epoxy. It doesn’t contain solvents that evaporate. These products are expensive and difficult to handle because they harden very rapidly. This finish should be applied by a professional.

Solvent-base epoxy: Solvent-base epoxies contain from 40 to 60 percent solids. They penetrate the concrete surface and adhere well. They are available in wide range of colors. Because the solvents are powerful and potentially hazardous, you must wear a respirator when applying the finish. You’ll also need to ventilate the garage and keep people and pets away from the garage.

Water-base epoxy: Like solvent-base epoxies, water-base epoxies also contain from 40 to 60 percent solids. The benefit of this type of epoxy is there are no hazardous solvent fumes. These epoxy finishes are sold at most home centers and hardware stores, and are becoming increasingly popular alternatives to solvent-based finishes.

Pre-tinted and metallic epoxy floor coatings expand decorating options—especially when it comes to stylish flooring inside and outside living areas. Some epoxy floor coating systems provide colored flakes, which are scattered as the second layer of coating is applied, to create speckled patterns in the surface.

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Emma was tired of her simple concrete floor and wanted something vibrant and bright. Being an artist, she painted beautiful and intricate patterns on the floors and then had them coated with epoxy to preserve the design. The floors remained elegant and protected for a long time.

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