Plan an exotic and adventurous trip at your fingertips by using google maps trip planner

Google maps trip planner

Planning a road trip with google maps trip planner for some people can sometimes be a matter of botheration, and for some others, it can be fascinating. 

When we hear the name “trip”,, everyone gears up. As it is a matter of joy when we have a change from our day to day routine work. And after the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are pretty sure that all of you are keen to plan a trip with yourself, or family  or with your friends. After all, road trips are super awesome and are comparatively safer. 

Future of Tourism is google maps trip planner.

To cater to the needs of the current and future generation, Google has recently launched a new feature known as google maps trip planner.

This app will help you out in a lot many ways. You can easily decide from multiple options as to where you can stay, how long it will take to move from place A to place B. By what time you will reach your destination, and many more such things. In short, you can plan anything to everything by using google maps trip planner.

We can even say that you can plan your itinerary well in advance and in the same way as other trip advisors do for you. 

Most of you would have dreamt of going on a road trip. Not only boys but even girls are now planning to go on road trips, after getting inspired by renowned series. And to cherish your dream to go on a road trip with your best friends, what can be better than planning your trip and including the places that are a safer option for you and the places where your parents can allow you to go. 

Your dream to go on a road trip with all your friends can be easily cherished if you plan your trip via google maps trip planner. We are sure that you are overwhelmed and curious to know how you can plan your trip and itinerary. 

In this writing piece, we have shared a mini-guide on using google maps trip advisor to plan your trip. 

So, let’s start with

How you can use google maps trip planner to plan your trip spontaneously. 

  1. First things first, login or sign in to your google account. In case if you are an ios user and haven’t made your google id yet. Then you need to click on the sign-up option and need to create a google account. 
  2. Now, open google maps on your mobile app or your laptop’s screen. 
  3. On the left corner of the screen, you will find a drop-down menu option. Click on it, and then select the option “My places.”
  4. If you have shortlisted some of the places in the past or have created custom maps, you will see all those maps at this point. And if not, then you will see a blank screen. 
  5. Since you want to plan a new trip, we will click on the “Create Map” button. This option would be available to you at the bottom of the page. 
  6. As soon as you click on the “Create Map” button, you will be redirected to a new page. Over here, you can add layers. To add the layers, you can select your choice places and add them to the maps. Also, you can even share the route or plan that you have planned on google maps trip planner
  7. You can name the layers according to your choice and preference and even rename the untitled map and even add a description. 
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And you are done; you have just created your map and have even portrayed a few details of your ideal dream trip. Wasn’t it easy? 

Now we will make different categories so that we don’t miss out on anything. This will make your work more simplified and more accessible. 

Now, sit with your family or friends or with the people with whom you are planning this road trip, and discuss the categories and their interests. And then hunt for all such places. 

We are pretty sure that you don’t want any of your travel buddies to feel sad or disappointed during the trip. 

Google Maps trip planner


Things to keep in mind while utilizing google maps trip planner.

Hence, it becomes a significant step to discuss the interest and to exchange ideas before planning the itinerary. Over here, we have listed a few of the essential points that you need to consider while finalizing have the itinerary. 

  • Places to visit:- Once you have outlined your trip, that from Point A, we will start our journey, and we will make point B our final location. There would be many places and towns that would be coming along the route. It would be best to shortlist the places you are keen to visit and add them to your route. This will ensure that you are following the correct directions and are on the correct roadway. 
  • Shopping:- Sometimes, it so happens that certain things in some places are extraordinary and unique. And in case you are travelling to some new places, and are excited to take their culture with you. Then definitely you must go shopping and should keep some time for shopping in your itinerary as well. You can quickly check the markets and shopping recommendations well in advance and can plan your day accordingly. 
  • Activities to do:- Apart from listing the places to visit, you must also make a check-list that once you visit the place, to which all places would you be visiting. To this, we would strongly suggest that you must take care of everyone’s needs in the group, and then you should shortlist the places accordingly. You can include various activities like hiking, visiting nature parks or lakes, and many more things. 
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Important Factors to keep in mind.

These were a few of the things that you must consider while planning your trip. Now, we will discuss some of the important stuff that you must carry while planning for a road trip.

  • Food:- It is essential to carry some extra packed food. Sometimes, it may happen that due to some unforeseeable reasons or due to bad climatic conditions. You may take up longer than they expected or the estimated time. So, whenever you plan to go on a road trip, do remember to stuff up your bags with whole chips, ready-to-eat food products, and water bottles. 
  • Medicines:- You must always carry some common and essential medicines with you. As in the case of medical emergencies, a first aid kit acts as a boon. 

By now, we are sure that you, along with your travel buddies, would have made up a final list and would have gone through the points mentioned above. So, now we are ready to proceed to the next step. We will tell you how you can add categories in the google maps trip planner in the next step. 

Well, this part is the easiest one, as you need to add new layers. You can add a layer and can categorize them. This will help you to make your plan ideally and will also help you to know the distance between the two places and the approximate time as well. 

The Bottom Line

Google maps trip planner is undoubtedly a boon for all those planning to travel in this situation or are excited to plan a road trip with their best friends shortly as it allows you to plan your trip the way you want. And you can easily do so by adding layers. Adding layers allow you to get directions from one place to the other place. It also shows the approximate time that it will take to travel, based on the traffic, and will show the distance. If the distance is significantly less, you may have a walk instead of taking the car. 

Concerning the last update, the google maps trip planner allows the user to add an utmost ten. So, we can say that this is the only limitation of using google maps trip planner. Apart from it, genuinely there are no other drawbacks of using the same. But we are sure that Google will indeed work on this and bring some updates and changes. 

Are you ready to use google maps trip planner? 

As you are ready with your map, so what are you waiting for? Share the road map with your friends, and finalize the plan. Once you have finalized your plan, we recommend you book the accommodation at your earliest so that you get all the things as you have planned. 

You can access the map even if you are offline. So, do remember to download the map before leaving your house. Also, it would be best if you indeed carried your handset’s charger and power bank along with you. These things will surely help you stick to the plan, even if you are not connected to the cellular network. Or in a situation where your phone’s battery gets exhausted. 

We insist you try google maps trip planner for planning your road trips because this app allows you to customize things based on your interests and desires. 

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